KIAF 2017 Art Seoul
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sep 2017
sep 2017

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Cuándo: 21 sep de 2017 - 24 sep de 2017
Inauguración: 21 sep de 2017
Dónde: Convention and Exhibition Center (COEX) / 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu / Seoul, Seoul-t'ukpyolsi, Corea del Sur
Organizada por: Korea International Art Fair (KIAF)
Galerías participantes: Stoa Gallery
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Descripción de la Exposición

The 16th edition of KIAF 2017 ART SEOUL, the signature art fair of Asia, strives to bring together groundbreaking and thought-provoking artworks of the highest quality in order to realize its ideal of becoming the pre-eminent art platform of South Korea. By nurturing the continued growth of the Korean art market and serving as a conduit between Asia and the international art scene, KIAF ART SEOUL has become a principal destination for art professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. In addition, by inviting key curators, collectors, and other figures from across the world, KIAF ART SEOUL facilitates the introduction of vibrant new Korean art to the global art scene, thus revitalizing and spurring fresh interest in the arts. 2 The Establishment of ‘SOLO PROJECT’ and ‘HIGHLIGHT’ Sections and the Participating Galleries and their Representative Artists This year, KIAF 2017 ART SEOUL will present 167 galleries from 13 countries around the world and SOLO PROJECT and HIGHLIGHT section will be established. Notable participants at KIAF 2017 ART SEOUL include: ARARIO GALLERY (Korea), GALLERY BAUDOIN LEBON (France), DONG SANG BANG GALLERY (Korea), FLOWERS GALLERY (UK), GALLERY HYUNDAI (Korea), PKM GALLERY (Korea), GANA ART (Korea), GALERIE PERROTIN (France), HAKGOJAE GALLERY (Korea), KUKJE GALLERY (Korea), LEE AHN GALLERY (Korea), LEEHAWIK GALLERY (Korea), RX GALERIE (France), STPI GALLERY (Singapore), WOONG GALLERY (Korea), YOSHIAKI INOUE GALLERY (Japan), and 313 ART PROJECT (Korea). — International Artists (selected): ARARIO GALLERY (Nobuko WATANABE), GALLERY BATON (Koen VAN DEN BROEK, Peter STRICHBURY, Djorde OZBOLT), GALLERY HYUNDAI (Ryan GANDER, Francois MORELLET), GALLERY YEH (Miguel Angel Iglesias FERNANDEZ), LEE AHN GALLERY(Imi KNOEBEL), THE COLUMNS GALLERY (Robert SCHABERL), THE PAGE GALLERY (Alex KATZ, Julian SCHNABEL), WOOSON GALLERY (Tony CRAGG), 313 ART PROJECT (Xavier VEILHAN) — Korean Artists (selected): CHOSUN ART GALLERY (Geun Byung YOOK), E JUNG GALLERY (Tae Ho KIM), GALLERY EM (Sen CHUNG), GALLERY FOCUS (Chang Hong AHN, Ufan LEE, Yong Yeob HWANG), PARK RYU SOOK GALLERY (Jeong Hwa CHOI), PKM GALLERY (Bul LEE, Cody CHOI), SONG ART GALLERY (Namjune PAIK, Ufan LEE, Kangso LEE), UM GALLERY (Ku Lim KIM, Kun Yong LEE), 313 ART PROJECT (Kiwon PARK, Wan LEE) 3 This year’s new addition of the SOLO PROJECT and HIGHLIGHT section will be further transformed from prior renditions. The HIGHLIGHT section, conceptualized as a space emphasizing a focused ‘mini-gallery’ concept, will allow participating galleries to showcase works created within the last 3 years. This special space will be reserved for new artists, works focusing on historical artwork, and special projects. Distinguished participants in this section include ART' LOFT, LEE-BAUWENS GALLERY (Belgium), BAIK SONG GALLERY (Korea), CHOI AND LARGER GALLERY (Germany), GALLERY CHOSUN (Korea), GALLERY SHILLA (Korea), MORI YU GALLERY (Japan), STANDING PINE GALLERY (Japan), and WELLINGTON GALLERY (Hong Kong). SOLO PROJECT, designed to shine a fresh new spotlight on both emerging and established artists will include 11 galleries: DURU ARTSPACE (Daehun KWON), EAST GALLERY (Chien-Bih WANG), ERHAR`D WITZEL (Thitz), GALLERY DATE (Byung So CHOI) GALLERY LEE & BAE (Peter Demetz), HANA ART GALLERY (Youngran CHOI), J.P. ART CENTER (Hung Yu-Shi), KAZE GALLERY (KAZZ MORISHITA), MORI YU GALLERY (Yasuhiro Fujiwara), PONTONE GALLERY (Matteo Massagrande), SAHNG-UP GALLERY (Haesun HWANG) Finally, in response to an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from collectors and art professionals, the VIP invitation program will be further elaborated and expanded in both size and scale this year. From professionally guided tours to key galleries around Seoul to an exclusive lecture series hosted by a panel of prominent domestic and multi-national art experts, networking opportunities between art enthusiasts and corporate sponsors / patrons, and culminating in the annual Artist Award Ceremony, KIAF 2017 ART SEOUL will provide a diverse program that offers a multitude of opportunities for art lovers from around the world to share their passion for the arts while fostering a culture of collaboration and communication.


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