Olha pro céu, meu amor
ene 2018
abr 2018

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Cuándo: 19 ene de 2018 - 07 abr de 2018
Inauguración: 19 ene de 2018
Dónde: Mendes Wood DM - Brussels / 13 Rue des Sablons / Zavelstraat / Brussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Bélgica
Organizada por: Mendes Wood DM
Artistas participantes: Patrícia Leite
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Publicada el 12 ene de 2018      Vista 2 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

To write a text entails a search for words and expressions that are able to elaborate an idea that only exists as an image in one’s mind. From where I write, I see the vast sky, as well as the line where it meets the sea and a plethora of plants and birds moving at their own pace under the same firmament. Perhaps this is indeed the perfect place to write about my emotions and impressions of Patrícia Leite’s works and to really grasp the possibility of appropriating the sky through the gaze. The landscape and life I see are woven into thought in the same way that thought is woven into the landscape and the mind, in an ongoing process. Leite’s practice invites us to consider the relationship between light and all objects. Observing an innate life in all elements, the painter animates them or expresses their poetry. Olha pro céu, meu amor [Look at the sky, my love] follows Leite’s continued investigation of landscape, presenting a series of works themed on the sky. Here, the sky is multiplicity: it appears as the background and the figure, the landscape and the environment, the source and the event of light, the continent and the content… The painting that lends its name to the exhibition, Look at the sky, my love, reveals a nocturnal landscape, in which an immense starlit sky takes up almost the entire painted surface, occupying and expanding the surrounding space. Underneath, at the bottom of the canvas, we see a fine iridescent line, timidly shining, separating the range of green hills from the blue-ish dark mass behind. This subtle line confronts the density of the dark tones and interplays with the stars shining above: splattered points of light permeate the surface like small gaps to find a passage to the other side.


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