Hugo Lami

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Nacimiento: 1994 en Coimbra, Portugal
Residencia: Reside en London, London, City of, Reino Unido
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Publicada el 14 nov de 2016      Vista 59 veces

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My work is about questions. Questions that I make to myself when I look at nature and to society. How humans have changed and are still changing the world. The works come in many shapes and forms, just as the future might come. I don’t have any answers. I’m interested in how far have we walked since pre-history transforming what’s around, and building this “ artificiality" we live in. Are we still part of nature? Is it what we create part nature? I let myself be overwhelmed with what’s around me, that’s why architecture or space is something I really think together with my work. The connection between the industrial and the human beings comes with the red color which is allusive to the body. I bring many times a new life to the wastes of Men production, transforming it’s past function, giving it a new meaning or an eventual future. I base everything in the relation between things and things, things and humans, and humans and nature.

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A Day

Hugo Lami


City of Madness Inside

Hugo Lami

Escultura, Arte digital

A Night

Hugo Lami



Hugo Lami



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Hugo Lami
04 nov de 2016 - 12 nov de 2016

Um dia

Galeria Graça Brandão / Lisboa, Portugal

11 ene de 2018 - 23 feb de 2018


Mute / Lisboa, Portugal

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