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Mary Rosa Jiménez

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Nacimiento: Lima, Perú
Residencia: Reside en La Romana, República Dominicana
Exposiciones colectivas vigentes: Vida Líquida
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Descripción del Artista

Mary Rosa Jimenez was born in Lima, Peru from a Dominican father and English mother. In 1988 she moved to Paris, where she lived until 2012 when she started dividing her time between France and the Dominican Republic. Mary Rosa began her career as a photographer in 1989 and in her work explores both urban and rural environments. Her favorite themes are the reflections captured on shop windows and glass. Through these images she temps the viewer into an unusual and original world where the real and unreal sit side by side. She is also fascinated by colorful textures of wood and rust. There are two very marked tendencies in Mary Rosa’s work, one is color, wich is a natural for her having grown up in a tropical island. The other is fashion, the result of covering as a photographer and reporter the Paris catwalks for over 6 years. Jimenez has held several solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group shows in the Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Abu Dhabi UAE and the U.S.A. Her work has been shown in prestigious institutions as the University of Zayed in Abu Dhabi, UNESCO Paris, Fraun Museum in Bonn, Museum of Modern Art of the Dominican Republic and at the Carrousel du Louvre Museum in Paris.


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Desde 20 sep de 2017

Vida Líquida

Galería ASR Contemporáneo / Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, República Dominicana

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