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Antonio Santín, YEH, 2013
Evento finalizado
sep 2013
sep 2013


Cuándo: 08 sep de 2013 - 29 sep de 2013
Inauguración: 08 sep de 2013
Dónde: Marc Straus / 299 Grand Street / Nueva York, New York, Estados Unidos
Organizada por: Marc Straus
Artistas participantes: Antonio Santín
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Descripción de la Exposición

Segunda exposición individual del artista madrileño, aunque residente en Nueva York, en la galería Marc Strauss.



There are two connected themes in this new body of paintings: women in lavish settings and highly stylized Eastern rugs. These paintings evolve from striking pictorial motifs. Initially they seem photo-realistic but closer inspection reveals they are lush and highly painterly. Certain passages venture into abstraction, in a manner similar to Chuck Close's portraits. Up close, Santin's surfaces are a stunning highly sculptured layering of oil and acrylic paint. Threads of color stream across, giving breath to the floating figure. Soft facial features and unblemished complexions are reminiscent of 15th century sfumato. Moreover, Santin echoes the breadth of Spanish Golden Age painting, especially the chiaroscuro found in El Greco's, Luis de Morales's and Velázquez's work. Santin's paintings are immediately contemporary and yet draw heavily from historical sources.


Unfolding in his works are pertinent issues about beauty and domesticity, about empathy and distancing. In his rugs, Santin weaves together marvelous Oriental designs, hinting at early Muslim and Mozarab arabesques found in medieval southern Spain. This important Islamic lineage in Spanish culture is evident in the grainy textural fabrics.



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