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Art Palm Beach 2019
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ene 2019
ene 2019


Publicada el 09 ene de 2019      Vista 138 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

Art Palm Beach becomes a spectacle each day, a panorama of immersive events for five days. Spectacular performances, extraordinary installations, live music, interactive experiences. No longer the repetitive old format. Art Palm Beach creates a new contemporary art fair genre. An enhanced cultural experience designed to attract multiple visits by attendees. Truly the next level art fair from pioneers of the international art fair. During ArtPalmBeach 2019 visitors will take part in an immersive art experience as they gain access to crucial information about art and collecting in a comprehensive manner that reflects todays modern MediaStreamTrackEvent. ArtPalmBeach will offer visitors an unprecendented in-depth experience of all the art world has to offer.


el 16 ene de 2019