Art Toronto 2019
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oct 2019
oct 2019


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Descripción de la Exposición

FOCUS: Portugal presents a selection of works by artists from the participating Portuguese galleries of Art Toronto 2019, representing some of the most significant artists and galleries in the current vibrant Portuguese arts scene. The exhibition features practices that reflect the variety of approaches and media within contemporary art in Portugal, including painting, sculpture, drawing, and moving image. The works on view propose different forms of engagement with urgent and critical issues in contemporary art and culture, from tourism and gentrification, to identity and technology. With a resurgence of a number of institutions and galleries in Portugal converging with a generation of artists with a global perspective, contemporary Portuguese artists are beginning to receive more visibility internationally. The selection of works presented, drawn from some of the most significant galleries in the country, reflect the vitality and relevance of these practices at a local and international level.


el 22 oct de 2019

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