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Beatriz González, Auras Anónimas, 2009. Photo: Laura Jimenez. Courtesy the artist and Casas Riegner.
jun 2019
ago 2019

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Publicada el 12 feb de 2019      Vista 5 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

A new film directed by Yanina Valdivieso and Vanessa Bergonzoli, and produced by Display None, centers on Beatriz González’s monumental public artwork Auras Anónimas, an installation of 8,957 tombstones in Bogotá’s central cemetery featuring silhouettes of those that died due to armed conflict in Colombia’s civil war. This important memorial to the victims of violence is now under threat of being demolished by Bogotá’s city administration. The documentary presents that story, in part to bring awareness to González’s struggle to save her work. This exhibition is part of a wider series at The Shed exploring the relationship between art and the politics of space. Beatriz González lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia. Drawn to imperfect reproductions of artworks and printed images in newspapers, González has built her artistic practice on the careful observation of her country’s idiosyncracy, popular culture, society, and politics. Since 1985 her practice has explored the sociopolitical concerns of postmodern Colombia, a country that has suffered greatly due to its long conflicts. Through her paintings, drawings, and sculptures, González picks out the often tragic moments of this troubled era, acting as a contemporary witness.


el 12 feb de 2019

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