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Iván Capote: "Resilience" 2017, 40x80x46 cm. — Cortesía de MARIO MAURONER CONTEMPORARY ART SALZBURG
Evento finalizado
jul 2018
sep 2018

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Publicada el 10 ago de 2018      Vista 33 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

In many different cultures all over the world “Black Mirrors” have been luxurious, desirable objects. They were popular and profitable commodities and, from Mexico to India, an invaluable product for artists, magicians and scientists. The Aztecs used black mirrors made from black volcanic lava for the practices of clairvoyance and healing. Through conquering the „New World“ Europeans also acquired knowledge of glass made from lava and used it for anatomic staging and occult activity. Since the age of the Renaissance European painters and architects - from Leonardo to Lorrain – used black or shaded mirrors to focus on a certain composition or perspective. Here, colorlessness served as new inspiration and relaxation for the eye in order to revitalize the artistic vision. The black shading is lack and exorbitance at the same time. We live in a time - where digital and the industrial modern age are clashing and where we have to acclimate to the ongoing acceleration of information sharing. Everywhere, screens surround us and are constantly trying to communicate and inform us. Time for peace and rest seems to be less important; it seems we have given up privacy for the unlimited exposure of ourselves. In a society where technology has become an omnipresent drug, the package insert gets in focus. Medial impact seems to shape a new form of existence; the question of the „side effects“ must be considered and becomes more and more essential. With: Carlos AIRES, Jean-Charles BLAIS, Pedro CALAPEZ, Carmen CALVO, Iván CAPOTE, Fabrizio CORNELI, Plamen DEJANOFF, Fred EERDEKENS, Manfred ERJAUTZ, FERRO, Vadim FISHKIN, Kendell GEERS, Paolo GRASSINO, Fabian HERKENHOENER, Markus HOFER, Rebecca HORN, Michael KIENZER, Nicolas KOZAKIS, LAb[au], Runo LAGOMARSINO, Davide La MONTAGNA, Jan LAUWERS, Mateo MATÉ, Philip MENTZINGEN, MISCHER`TRAXLER, Marzena NOWAK, Irina OJOVAN, Javier PÉREZ, Rudolf POLANSZKY, RaumZeitPiraten, Lois RENNER, Anselm REYLE, Bernardí ROIG, Anneliese SCHRENK, Michael SCHUSTER, Esther STOCKER, Barthélémy TOGUO, Pedro TYLER, Markus WILFLING, José YAQUE, Vadim ZAKHAROV, Lucas ZALLMANN.


el 10 ago de 2018


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