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Bosque – Convocatoria a Residencia Artística Internacional en Mindo Ecuador
Evento finalizado
mar 2017
abr 2017


Cuándo : 06 mar de 2017 - 29 abr de 2017
Dónde: Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador
Organizada por: No Lugar - Arte Contemporáneo

Cerrada desde 29-04-2017

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Dirigido a: Artistas
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Correo electrónico: residencianolugar@gmail.com
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Descripción del Premio

No Lugar – Arte Contemporáneo, in context with its 2017 Residency Program, opens the call for the International Artistic Residency ‘Bosque / Forest’, which goes under research and artistic production modality. The residency will take place at Mindo, a small town located in Mindo-Nambillo, a Protecting Forest that has a 19.200 hectares area that surrounds the entire town and it’s located two hours away from Quito. ‘Bosque / Forest’ international collective artist residency is part of No Lugar’s Residency Program. The program gathers together to artists, curators and researchers in order to live and work in a specific context, in this matter, special emphasis will be placed in the importance based on dialogue with landscape, territory and those who inhabit it. The residents will be living at ‘Mindo Manga’, a hundred years old patrimonial house. By the end of the Residency, the selected artists and researchers will present their processes in a local public event. Afterwards an enlarged version of the results from the residency’s results will be shown at No Lugar’s exhibition space in Quito, in agreement with the participants. Investment: USD$ 400 (15 days). Includes: 15 days of accommodation, curatorial accompaniment, shared bedrooms between 3-4 people, mobilization from Quito to Mindo and back to Quito, dinning room, fully equipped bathrooms, equipped kitchen, workshop, research studio, promotion of the residency processes, a collective closing event of the residency and a participation certificate. Not included: Mobilization expenses from the city/country origin to Quito and back, general expenses, lunch, dinner, specific materials. Agenda: Open call: March 6 – April 30 Notification to participants: May 3 Payments: May 4 – June 1 (Payments can be done via International bank transfer, MoneyGram or Western Union) Arrival to Quito: UNTIL June 9 Beginning of the Residency: June10 Trip to Mindo: June 10 Trip back to Quito: June 25 End of the Residency: June 25

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