Bienal de arte en Pusan-jikhalsi, Corea del Sur

Busan Biennale 2018

Busan Museum of Art / 58 APEC-ro, Haeundae, Busan / Pusan-jikhalsi, Corea del Sur
08 sep de 2018 - 11 nov de 2018
08 sep de 2018
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Descripción de la Exposición
Paris-based Cristina Ricupero and Berlin-based Jörg Heiser as artistic directors to the Busan Biennale 2018, which will be taking place this September. The Busan Biennale is a biannual international contemporary art show that integrated three different art events held in the city in 1998: the Busan Youth Biennale, the first biennale of Korea that was voluntarily organized by local artists in 1981; the Sea Art Festival, an environmental art festival launched in 1987 with the sea serving as a backdrop; and the Busan International Outdoor Sculpture Symposium that was first held in 1991. The biennale was previously called the Pusan International Contemporary Art Festival (PICAF) before it launched. The biennale has its own unique attribute in that it was formed not out of any political logic or need but rather the pure force of local Busan artists’ will and their voluntary participation. Even to this day their interest in Busan's culture and ... its experimental nature has been the key foundation for shaping the biennale’s identity. This biennale is the only one like it in the world that was established through an integration of three types of art events such as a Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sculpture Symposium, and Sea Art Festival. The Sculpture Symposium in particular was deemed to be a successful public art event, the results of which were installed throughout the city and dedicated to revitalizing cultural communication with citizens. The networks formed through the event have assumed a crucial role in introducing and expanding domestic art overseas and leading the development of local culture for globalized cultural communication. Founded 38 years ago, the biennale aims to popularize contemporary art and achieve art in everyday life by providing a platform for interchanging experimental contemporary art. The Busan Biennale announce that sixty-five artists and collectives from thirty-four countries are participating in its upcoming edition, which will run from September 8 to November 11. This year’s cohort was selected by artistic director Cristina Ricupero, curator Jörg Heiser, and guest curator Gahee Park, in collaboration with an advisory board. Titled “Divided We Stand,” the theme of the ninth edition revolves around the concept of split territories. The exhibition will take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan and the former Bank of Korea in Busan. According to the biennial, the two venues reflect its theme. “At the newly opened museum, the main focus is the Cold War era and its uncanny return in the present, while at the former Bank of Korea building, alternate futurist scenarios will unfold, looking at our current state of being through the lens of science fiction.” The list of participating artists is as follows: Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme (Cyprus/USA) Bani Abidi (Pakistan) Chantal Akerman (Belgium) Dora Longo Bahia (Brazil) Maja Bajevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Khaled Barakeh (Syria) Yael Bartana (Israel) Jean-Luc Blanc (France) Oscar Chan Yik Long (Hong Kong) Onejoon Che (South Korea) Mina Cheon (South Korea) Chin Cheng Te (Taiwan) Sunah Choi (South Korea) Phil Collins (UK) Christoph Dettmeier (Germany) Mauricio Dias & WalterRiedweg (Brazil/Switzherland) Smadar Dreyfus (Israel) Eva Grubinger (Austria) Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige (Lebanon) Ramin & Rokni Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian (Iran/Iran/USA) Flaka Haliti (Kosovo) Kiluanji Kia Henda (Angola) Andy Hope 1930 (Germany) Hsu Chia-Wei (Taiwan) Young Zoo Im (South Korea) Joo Hwang (South Korea) Yunsun Jung (South Korea) Nikita Kadan (Ukraine) Wanuri Kahiu (Kenya) Amar Kanwar (India) Hayoun Kwon (South Korea) Oliver Laric (Austria) Minwhee Lee & Yun Choi (South Korea) Gabriel Lester (Netherlands) Minouk Lim (South Korea) Laura Lima & Zé Carlos Garcia (Brazil) Lin + Lam (USA/Canada) Liu Ding (China) Marko Lulic (Austria) Fabian Marti (Switzerland) Augustin Maurs (France) Metahaven (Netherlands) Nástio Mosquito (Angola) Henrike Naumann (Germany) Marcel Odenbach (Germany) Melik Ohanian (France) Ferhat Ozgur (Turkey) Kelvin Kyung Kun Park (South Korea) Susan Philipsz (UK) Adrian Piper (USA) Min Jeong Seo (South Korea) Bruno Serralongue (France) Tayfun Serttas (Turkey) Hito Steyerl (Germany) Jan Svenungsson (Sweden) Tamura Yuichiro (Japan) Javier Téllez (Venezuela) The Propeller Group (Vietnam/Vietnam/USA) Suzanne Treister (UK) Lars von Trier (Denmark) Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas (Lithuania) Jane and Louise Wilson (UK), Ming Wong (Singapore) Ulrich Wüst (Germany) Zhang Peili (China)



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