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IoDeposito ONP
Evento finalizado
nov 2016
mar 2017


Cuándo : 01 nov de 2016 - 31 mar de 2017
Dónde: Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italia
Organizada por: IoDeposito ONP

Cerrada desde 31-03-2017

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Dirigido a: Artistas
Correo electrónico: info@iodeposito.org
Publicada el 17 ene de 2017      Vista 628 veces

Descripción del Premio

This call for artists aims at researching artistic contributions based on different features (photographs, paintings, drawings, collages, installation, digital and sound art, light art, happenings and performances of visual art) for the artistic festival B#SIDE WAR. In its fourth edition, the festival will see the realization of several collective and personal art exhibitions in Italy and Slovenia, as well as in France, Belgium, USA. This edition will see also installations of contemporary artworks in relevant sites linked to the XX century conflicts (museums, monuments, thematic parks) in several nations. The artworks selected with this call for artists will be embedded to the festival art exhibitions that will take place in fifteen Italian and Slovenian cities, such as Venice, Rome and Pirano (to name but a few), and other European and international cities in France, Belgium, USA, Australia. In its second edition, the festival B#SIDE WAR counted more than 50.000 visitors, and the festival is now ongoing with its third edition.

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