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Caribbean Cream: What you do is what you see
Evento finalizado
sep 2013
nov 2013

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Cuándo: 29 sep de 2013 - 23 nov de 2013
Inauguración: 29 sep de 2013
Dónde: BrutEdge / Space 574, Mana Center. 888 Newark Avenue / Jersey City, New Jersey, Estados Unidos
Organizada por: BrutEdge
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Publicada el 03 jun de 2014      Vista 42 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

Artistas: Olivia McGilchrist, Marvin Barley, Dionne Simpson, Ebony Patterson, Mario Benjamin, Edouard Duval-Carrie, Florine Demosethene, Myrlande Constant, Vladimir Cybil Charlier, Elsa Mora, Carlos Estevez, Pavel Acosta, Ibrahim Miranda, Joscelyne Gardner.



BrutEdge Gallery announces its inaugural show Caribbean Cream: what you see is what you do, a selection of contemporary works by Caribbean artists. Curated by Reynald Lally, a specialist in Haitian art, this first exhibit of will feature works from Barbados, Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica.


'What you do is what you see,' a Haitian proverb, is the central theme that unifies the work of the fourteen artists for this show. The implication that what an artist makes is a direct reflection of his or her experiences might appear obvious. However, when talking about a region as diverse and with as a complex history as the Caribbean, then the larger picture appears - one with subtle similarities and obvious differences. It is the tensions between these gaps that make this an exciting show.


By its nature the Caribbean is a region of convergence, where the plurality of cultures has created unique hybridizations of artistic expression that are both personal and universal. Caribbean Cream attempts to tap into the larger questions the artists themselves are posing with the choices of material and subject each makes drawing mainly from the traditions of painting and photography, but with other techniques featured as well like collage and printmaking.



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