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Como ningún lugar en la Tierra
Evento finalizado
jun 2020
ago 2020


Publicada el 09 mar de 2020      Vista 247 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

Artists: Irene de Andrés, Teresa Arozena, Mike Batista, Guillermo Boehler, Virginia Colwell, Sofía Gallisá Muriente, Andrés Jurado, Engel Leonardo, Joiri Minaya, Abraham Riveron, Juan José Valencia & Lena Peñate. Based on different artistic explorations, this exhibition essay proposes to review the history of the overseas territories of the North Atlantic route, historically marked by Columbus’ journeys, during the Cold War period. If the experience of the global trip seems marked by the idea that there is no place on Earth that has not been already explored, at the same time, it participates in the capitalist denial of the finiteness of material resources of the planet. This research proposes to discuss the idea of "universal experience", as a modern curiosity that wants to expand beyond the limits of the Earth, while it feels trapped in a small world.


el 09 mar de 2020