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nov 2017
nov 2017

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Cuándo: 10 nov de 2017 - 30 nov de 2017
Inauguración: 09 nov de 2017 / 19:00
Dónde: Kunstverein Leipzig / Kolonnadenstrasse 6 / Leipzig, Sachsen, Alemania
Organizada por: Kunstverein Leipzig
Artistas participantes: Diana Policarpo
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Descripción de la Exposición

The visual artist, noise musician and composer Diana Policarpo (* 1986 in Lisbon, lives and works in London) employs for several years as part of an artistic research project with the German-American, ultra-modernist composer Johanna Magdalena Beyer (* 1888 in Leipzig, † 1944 in New York). Although Beyer was probably the first woman which was composed with electronic instruments in the 1930s, it has almost been forgotten. Only a fraction of her works and life are archived and even during her lifetime she was due to political and social restrictions not represented in the canon of the avant-garde music scene. The working method of Diana Policarpo is not subject to any historical accuracy, but rather makes about her artistic appropriation,voices of women who could only act to a limited extent because of their gender, status or origin, for our present audible and experienceable. By sharing the life and musical heritage of Johanna Beyer in collaboration with temporary collectives of artists, composers and musicians are constantly being studied anew, interpreted, transformed and brought into the present, Policarpo creates a living, mobile archive of artistic appropriation and feminist discussions. Diana Policarpo presents a new four-channel sound installation and five in a room setting specially developed for the KV Leipzig sound sculptures that combine historical fragments with their own compositions. Curated by Anna Jehle + Juliane Schickedanz Publication: Gloria Glitzer M I T kindly supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Leipzig and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation as well as a material sponsoring of ASLAN, Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG


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