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Installation view (studio). Photo: Pablo Delgado and Sarasvati Herrera
Evento finalizado
sep 2019
dic 2019


Publicada el 19 sep de 2019      Vista 60 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

Rather than an exhibition in the classical sense, Emissaries for Things Abandoned by Gods could be considered, instead, an act of time travel, an experiment in substitution, a proposal for speculative interconnectivity. Inspired by the radical specificity of its site, it operates not only in relation to the Casa Luis Barragán, but also to the artworks and objects that have long resided in the architect’s home. The project is the result of a somewhat controversial proposal: imagine the house filled with contemporary proxies of the artworks and images that the architect had originally chosen for it. Imagine them attempting to act in a similar role, speaking not only to the house but also to, and about, our present. Furniture and items of decoration have been left intact, but all existing artworks in the Casa Luis Barragán (including paintings, photographs, images, reproductions of artworks, sculptures, and artifacts) have been temporarily replaced with what could be considered their contemporary equivalents, or “emissaries,” selected for their formal or conceptual correspondences with the originals.


el 19 sep de 2019
05 nov - 26 nov
Curso Online.

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