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Entre Muros. Urban Art from Latin America
Evento finalizado
jun 2015
ago 2015

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Cuándo: 25 jun de 2015 - 30 ago de 2015
Inauguración: 25 jun de 2015 / 18:00
Precio: Entrada gratuita
Dónde: MYA Gallery / 150 Commercial Street / London, London, City of, Reino Unido
Comisariada por: Maximiliano Ruiz
Organizada por: MYA Gallery
Publicada el 23 jun de 2015      Vista 344 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

Exhibiting Artists: Brazil: Rodrigo Branco, Rafael Hayashi / Argentina: Doma, Elian, Jaz / Chile: Cekis, Inti / Mexico: Curiot, Saner / Peru: Decertor / Colombia: Stinkfish / Puerto Rico: Alexis Diaz. This June, MYA Gallery and Suben Art Management present "Entre Muros" (Between Walls), an exhibition of a diverse group of artists from Latin America, placing the growing Urban Contemporary movement found across this rarely celebrated continent under it's deserved spotlight. The exhibition is curated by subject specialist Maximiliano Ruiz, curator, author and editor of a number of publications that document Latin America's street art movement, including Graffiti Argentina and Nuevo Mundo: Latin American Street Art. Ruiz has also played a pivotal role in introducing Latin American art to the international market through exhibitions, commissioned works, and site-specific art installations. Historically speaking, street art and graffiti began in Europe and North America evolving from a largely territorial act of artists tagging their names indiscriminately on the urban landscape. Since these primitive first steps graffiti, although developing in style and form, quickly become more recognised as vandalism then art, encouraging the growth of an underground & rebellious art culture. Street Art has always been a very important weapon in every social and political event or evolution in Latin America, either as a tool to reclaim an urban culture or tribe, or as a strong and powerful means for airing political and social grievances. The ability to record a concrete and explicit message cheaply and quickly allowed various groups from different social sphere to have a toll at hand with which to go out into the streets to voice what many think but few dare to express. Most countries in Latin America experienced strict military governments in the '70s and '80s that repressed any act of free speech or public art. This mass repression was focused around universities, cultural centers and artists, which halted the growth of any public art expression. When democracy was introduced, artists, musicians and creatives looked for any outlet possible to express themselves. The street art movement exploded with colour and free expression, using their local streets as canvases to experiment and adorn rather than just as a place to tag their name repetitively. Artists began to focus more on letters, characters and story telling through their work, which allowed the community to understand and accept the artworks, seeing their creations no longer as mindless acts of vandalism but positive and dynamic new art forms. The lack of most basic paints and materials also inspired artists to be creative and, since aerosol was so complicated to obtain due to import customs and local taxes, they were forced to spread out beyond 'graffiti' and into innovative developments of this growing international movement. Ruiz plans to bring to London both known and new talents from every corner of Latin America: Curiot and Saner from Mexico, Rodrigo Branco and Rafael Hayashi from Brazil, Jaz, Doma and Elian from Argentina as well as other front runners from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru and Chile. With such an abundance of talent establishing a stronghold of creativity, it won't be long before this final frontier of the urban art world bursts it's banks and surges on to the international arena.


el 24 jun de 2015

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