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Evento finalizado
oct 2015
oct 2015


Cuándo: 20 oct de 2015 - 25 oct de 2015
Inauguración: 20 oct de 2015
Precio: Entrada gratuita
Dónde: Espacio Gallery / 159 Bethnal Green Road / London, London, City of, Reino Unido
Comisariada por: Carlos de Lins
Organizada por: Espacio Gallery
Publicada el 20 oct de 2015      Vista 71 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

Flesh. Just the sound of the word is evocative and provocative. For some it conjures thoughts of a juicy steak, served rare, still slightly bloody. For others it brings images of Soho bookshops and red-light windows in Amsterdam. And for the spiritually-minded, there's the mystery of communion and of God made flesh in Jesus. However you approach it, flesh is the bedrock of our very existence as human beings. Without flesh we could not experience the temptations and terrors of the world around us. This stimulating exhibition celebrates the physicality and sensuality of the human body. The artists are invited to submit work which confronts the many meanings of flesh, and challenges socially-imposed taboos and notions of sin and virtue as well as exploring our preconceived notions of what it really means to be made of meat. Artists: Nicky Callaby, Jo Colvert, Peter Dobbin, Liliana Gallagher, Jose Gomez, Goojee, Yannick Hopt H.YaYa, Esther Insa, Ellen Jewell, Sarbjit Johal, John King, Nikhil Kirsh, Piotr Kolanko, Judit Martinez, AnnyRose Nahapetian, Gianluca Pisano, Frank Pohlmann, Pia Rogers, Simone and Max, Chris Simpson, Belen Velasco, Scott Weingarten, Emma Witter.


el 27 oct de 2015