Exposición en Long Beach, California, Estados Unidos

HERland: Women Artists in the MOLAA Collection

Museum of Latin American Art - MOLAA / 628 Alamitos Ave. / Long Beach, California, Estados Unidos
07 feb de 2021 - 02 ene de 2022
07 feb de 2021
Enlaces oficiales:
Descripción de la Exposición
This exhibition was intended to be on view at MOLAA during the Spring of 2020. Upon the Museum’s reopening to the public, we will present the exhibition in the galleries. In a world where the discussion about empowering women, race, class, and equity is more relevant and necessary than ever before, we are so pleased to present Herland, Women artists in the MOLAA Collection. An imaginary territory where female artists, with different approaches and even different ways of looking, define a new powerful land with new meanings. This selection of women artists that we present today is part of the MOLAA Permanent Collection, and by sharing them with our public we begin a new approach to our history as an institution, in addition to broadening our perspective and delving into those works that speak of certain topics, many times invisible in the history of art, such as the creation of female artists. Because art ... is knowledge and experience, at the same time we discuss our heritage, we focus on Latina and Latin American artists possessing a unique poetic style, who continued a path started at the beginning of the 20th century linked to a dreamlike and surrealist, representation, imagination, boundaries and distorsions, exploring possible worlds in connection with the female unconscious and personal ideology. Thus we approach an infinite imaginarium of ideas and concepts, where each of these artists explores their creations, through impressive figurative and symbolic paintings, photographs, and drawings, the depths of fantasy, mystery, illusion, the dream from a clear singular view where the work functions as a matrix to be deciphered. Hand in hand with artists such as Leonora Carrington, Raquel Forner, Jackelyn Barajas, Doris Salcedo, Patssi Valdez, Liliana Porter, Raquel Paiewonsky, Amalia Caputo, Maria Bonomi and Tania Bruguera, we assist the feminine search through art as a constant and current interpellation where questions can be glimpsed in each portrait, scene, object, strangeness, generated by the dialogue with the surreal inventory in the modern and contemporary scene. This is our Herland, a poetic map full of beauty but also of persistence and self confidence. A journey that enables us to connect with the matrix of female creation with outstanding artists of our time. PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Adriana Arenas (Colombia), Cássia Aresta (Brazil), Carmen Argote (Mexico), Jackelyn Barajas (Mexico), Luisa Elena Betancourt (Venezuela), María Bonomi (Brazil), Tania Bruguera (Cuba), Leyla Cárdenas (Colombia), Amalia Caputo (Venezuela), Leonara Carrington (England), Fabiana Cruz (Venezuela), Gitte Daehlin (Norway), Elba Damast (Venezuela), Marianela de la Hoz (Mexico), Sonia Ebling (Brazil), Daniela Edburg (USA), Susana Espinosa (Argentina), Ivonne Ferrer (Cuba), Raquel Forner (Argentina), Cristina Garza (Mexico), Yolanda González (USA), Natilia Iguiñiz (Peru), Miriam Medrez (Mexico), Cecilia Miguez (Uruguay), Marta Minujín (Argentina), Sara Modiano (Colombia), Brenda Obregón Velázquez (Mexico), Raquel Paiewonsky (Dominican Republic), Lucia Pizzani (Venezuela), Liliana Porter (Argentina), Sandra Ramos (Cuba), Veronica Riedel (Guatemala), Ana Rosa Rivera (Puerto Rico), Claudia Rodríguez (Mexico), Ofelia Rodriguez (Colombia), Doris Salcedo (Colombia), Carolina Sardi (Argentina), Nina Surel (Argentina), Paloma Todd (Puerto Rico), Yole Travassos (Brazil), Patssi Valdez (USA), Linda Vallejo (USA), Monica Vendramini (Brazil), María Villares (Brazil).



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