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Cuándo: 10 nov de 2020 - 19 feb de 2021
Inauguración: 10 nov de 2020 / Virtual Opening
Horario: Monday, Thursday and Friday, 11 am – 1 pm; Tuesday, 3 pm – 5 pm. By appointment only: cultny@cervantes.org
Precio: Entrada gratuita
Dónde: Instituto Cervantes - Nueva York / 211-215 East 49th Street, / Nueva York, New York, Estados Unidos
Comisariada por: Matilde Rodríguez
Organizada por: Instituto Cervantes - Nueva York
Artistas participantes: Bea Lema, Helena Pérez García, Iria Do Castelo
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Descripción de la Exposición

Instituto Cervantes New York presents Ilustrad/as. A look at female creation in contemporary illustration, a focused look at some of the best known female illustrators in Spain and Latin America, widely recognized at both the professional and artistic levels. The show brings together Bea Lema, Helena Pérez García, Iria do Castelo, Iria Fafián, Lara Lars, Luisa Rivera, Malota, María Hesse, Nuria Figueiredo, Pelo di Cane, Sara Landeta and Sonia Pulido. On view from November 10, 2020 through February 19, 2021, Ilustrad/as. A look at female creation in contemporary illustration will include 53 illustrations, three accordionbooks, three light boxes, one short film and three ceramic plates. Curated by Matilde Rodríguez, the exhibition seeks to focus on the freer, more creative and personal work of the featured illustrators, as well as exploring the different formats and techniques with which they work: silkscreen prints, collages, ceramics, animation, risographs, digital drawing, sculptures and installations. This exhibition will take as a point of departure the idea that illustration, one of the most imaginative branches of creation, is currently undergoing a remarkable renewal and that the work of illustrators, and especially women, is getting the recognition it deserves. In the publishing field, where the concept of the illustrated book is increasingly important, the work of female illustrators stands out, both with illustrated editions of classic works and by providing the visual component of many recent publications. Women illustrators have broken the glass ceiling and become part of the conversation because of their outstanding work. They have managed to bring out their own personalities, and to be considered as great artists in their own right, leaving behind the idea of attaching their work to the brands or companies they have been commissioned for. Illustrators are now reclaiming themselves and their space in art galleries and museums giving their projects an independent personality and a life for themselves. In part, they have benefited from the fact that new technologies and platforms represent a great tool to get the word out about themselves and to make their work visible to a wider public. They can now have a more direct conversation without having to wait to be vetted by agencies or other companies. Their illustrations are a form of expression by themselves, with their own styles, which allow them to be recognized by the general public.


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