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mar 2019
abr 2019


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Descripción de la Exposición

IN/OUT After a pause in creative activity, immersed in mourning, where a parenthesis of introspection centred on disappearance and memories; and almost unconsciously, like a casual wandering, the structures catch him and then, abstracted, he cannot stop… Inside appears inevitably. We are presented with a total of twenty works. Both the reflexion of a pictorial language and the titles of the works suggest how and what Rafa de Corral thinks. There is a set of associations and thoughts, an intimate and reflexive insight on pictorial research that abandons colour and focuses on light using contrasting white and black, suggesting geometric perceptions that compels us to continue looking. The viewer finds him or herself absorbed, immersed in the representation. Some fine texture made with graphite on board creates sensitive qualities and the white tones allow the light to pass through the surface with a poetic beauty. Geometry as a metaphor of pictorial language; volumes and spaces penetrate through and we observe the essence, the synthesis, the most important thing. However, Inside is already in transition, the stories go on and he continues, researching and advancing from a work produced with light and dark, sensorially, with knowledge and thought. In/Out is now an extension of Inside, but it slowly starts its journey and if we look at “Confianza sólida”, “Armonía y calma” or “Pensamiento equitativo”, although they have similar structures that are connected to previous insight; geometric language clearly indicates the strength, wisdom and balance of his recovery. The forcefulness of black and white in works such as “Incisión espacial” and “Perdiendo perspectiva” tends to disappear and sets of light and perspectives appear. Likewise, it also surprises us with works made with graphite on a board where the dark backgrounds disappear and the figures recover their movement, accompanied by dynamic lines made with photoluminescent paint, and all of that under the premise of inside/out; in them the viewer does not seem to need a subjective vision in the structures. Facing the uncertainty of not knowing the subsequent evolution of these two series, I do sense clearly that his work grows and proposes the evolution of a creative process where Rafa de Corral’s long career summons us once again to new processes of expression. Sales Prats Gràcia. Exhibition curator


el 22 mar de 2019


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