Feria de arte en Basel, Basel-Stadt, Suiza

Liste 2018

Liste Basel / Burgweg 15 / Basel, Basel-Stadt, Suiza
11 jun de 2018 - 17 jun de 2018
11 jun de 2018
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Descripción de la Exposición
The world´s most well-established and enduring promotion- and discoverer fair for galleries of the young and middle generation. The 23rd edition of LISTE – Art Fair Basel will take place from June 11 through 17, 2018. LISTE will once again be the meeting place for important collectors, eminent museum people, art lovers and artists. An exciting selection of contemporary, mostly emerging art will be presented, promising many new discoveries. This year´s LISTE will present 79 galleries from 32 countries, with works by over 170 artists. The participating galleries come from Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, France, Greece, Great Britain, Guatemala, Holland, Italy, Japan, Colombia, Kosovo, Cuba, Lebanon, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Austria, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, and the USA. It is important to LISTE to present galleries from a very broad spectrum of countries and cities – including regions located away from ... art centers. LISTE is considered the most important fair for a young generation of galleries. Thus, every ambitious international young gallery applies to participate at LISTE. Our jury – composed exclusively of curators and artists – selected the most important aspiring galleries of a younger and middle generation from over 250 applicants. These galleries will bring a highcaliber selection of contemporary art to Basel, among which will also be many new discoveries. As a not-for-profit-oriented fair, LISTE has been working tirelessly to the promote new galleries. The fair strives to ease the entry of galleries into the international art market by providing reasonable terms and conditions. As in past years, LISTE´s primary objective is to introduce the world´s most promising new galleries in Basel. Peter Bläuer, the fair´s director, is very pleased that 16 of the 79 galleries will be appearing at LISTE for the first time. Among those galleries are: Maria Bernheim (Zurich), Bodega (New York), Chapter NY (New York), Commonwealth & Council (Los Angeles), Dürst Britt & Mayhew (The Hague), El Apartamento (Havanna), Ermes – Ermes (Vienna), Gianni Manhattan (Vienna), Ginerva Gambino (Cologne), Ivan (Bucharest), Noah Klink (Berlin), Park View / Paul Soto (Los Angeles / Brussels), PM8 (Vigo), Proyectos Monclova (Mexiko City), Sé, (São Paulo) and Sultana (Paris). Galerie Maria Bernheim (Zurich) will make its debut with a solo presentation by Swiss artist Denis Savary (*1981). The artist creates works with complex relational systems that convey a poetic effect. Another solo presentation will be presented at Bodega (New York): Em Rooney (*1983, US) focuses on the transitory nature of textures in materials and memories in the context of the transition to digital storage. Young gallery Chapter NY from New York will be presenting Mira Dancy (*1979, US), Ann Greene Kelly (*1988, US) and Willa Nasatir (*1990, US). Danielle Dean (*1982, US/UK) will make her LISTE debut at Commonwealth & Council (Los Angeles) with an installation composed of sculptures and video. Viennese gallery Ermes/Ermes will present the artists Gina Folly (*1983, CH) and Bleta Jahaj (*1981, XK) in an artistic dialogue. Foy examines the effect of cultural and social changes on daily reality, while Jahaj focuses the body in motion in pictorial language. The gallery Gianni Manhattan of Vienna will show sculptures by Hungarian artist Zsófia Keresztes (*1985). Sculptures and drawings by Alex Wissel (*1983, DE) will be presented at young gallery Ginerva Gambino (Cologne). Ivan Gallery from Bucharest will introduce three young artists: Jaro Varga (*1982, SK), Ștefan Sava (*1982, RO) and Cristian David (*1979, RO). The jury places great value on gallery-curated presentations with selected artists. Most of our galleries will be introducing solo presentations or positions with two to three artists. They will show works from a variety of media: painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, installation, performance, video, film, multimedia and, of course, the generation Digital Native Art. This year will see a total of 30 artists in solo presentations. Labor, from Mexico City, will appear with a solo presentation by Gala Porras-Kim (*1984, CO/US). Porras/Kim’s works question how knowledge is acquired and test the potential of art objects as an epistemological tool outside its traditional historical context. Jan Vorisek (*1987 CH/CZ) will be shown at Galerie Bernhard (Zurich). The installations by Vorisek, involving sculpture, installation, performance, improvised music and noise, are site-specific commentaries, ephemera, and documentaries, each of which examines formal hierarchies. Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam, will present Pauline Curnier Jardin (*1980, FR), who will appear with an installative presentation composed of costumes and accessories from a setting of characters from her film “Teetotum”. Young English gallery Emalin, from London, will introduce young artist Augustas Serapinas (*1990, LT), whose presentation for LISTE is composed of a new series of multimedia sculptural works that will be positioned on the stand walls and floor. Visitors will also be treated to exciting group presentations with young and older artists. Southard Reid will position Celia Hempton (*1981, UJ) with R.M. Fischer (*1947, US). Fischer, whose sculptural practice stretches back to the late 1970s, will show new and newer works in which various soft, steel, sewn lamp sculptures populate both the stand floor and walls. We are very pleased that young gallery Jenny’s will be represented with a performative act by Dan Mitchel (*1996, US) - the artist has invited his long-standing artistic coworker from London, Ben Wallers (*1971). Wallers (The Rebel) is the front man for the Country Teasers, a band known for their satirical, sharp-witted texts and unorthodox live shows. The Rebel is a solo project that has been in existence with the Country Teasers since the end of the 80s and has completed a number of albums and had appearances, all within the context of music and art. Friends of LISTE The newly founded Friends of LISTE dedicates all of its support to the promotion of new galleries. Thanks to initial and very generous contributions, Friends of LISTE has awarded 10 galleries whose applications indicated especially promising stand presentations with a reduction in stand price: Dan Gunn, London, Ellen de Bruijne, Amsterdam, Emalin, London, LambdaLambdaLambda, Pristina, Maisterravalbuena, Madrid/Lisbon, PM8, Vigo, Sultana, Paris, Temnikova & Kasela, Tallinn, The Sunday Painter, London and Union Pacific, London. Performance Project Over the course of the last few years, we have seen an increasing blurring of the boundaries between visual and performative art – in the areas of music and works with sound. The 14th Performance Project would like to take a closer look at that development. It is placing its focus on internationally relevant positions who share an interest in pushing the limits between the areas of performance, sound, music and musical theater; positions who have adopted formats from the realm of music in order to undermine them and expose the affective spheres of our perception and their political potential. Artists from this year’s Performance Project are American gender queer artist* Vaginal Davis (*1969), Basel artist Jan Vorisek (*1987), New York performer NIC Kay (*1989, US), Studio for Propositional Cinema, which was founded in 2013, performance band Luci Lippard – founded in 2014 by artists Lucinda Dayhew (AU) and Hanne Lippard (NO), German actress Susanne Sachsse and Xiu Xiu – a California experimental noise pop band, and Garrett Nelson (*1982), who is Swiss but resides in Italy. Performances organized by galleries We are very pleased to have four galleries that will be showing performances at their booth. At Jenny’s, Los Angeles, the band The Rebel will perform a new series of songs that were inspired by artist Dan Mitchell. Maisterravalbuena, Madrid/Lisbon, will show a performative work by Daniel Jacoby (*1985, PE). Union Pacific, London, will be showing Urara Tsuchiya (*1979, JP), who will create a collection of unisex clothing to be shown on four models at the Preview. Nora Turato (*1991, HR) will show a performance at the booth of LambdaLambdaLambda – in her spoken word performance the artist invokes precise observations of everyday life. Art Prize The Helvetia Art Prize will be awarded for the 15th time. This highly coveted promotional prize is awarded to a graduate of a Swiss art school majoring in visual and media art. This year’s prize, which includes a monetary award of CHF 15,000 and a solo presentation at LISTE, goes to Gina Proenza (*1994, FR/CO), who received her bacherlor’s degree in “Arts Visuals” from the Haute Ecole d’Art de Lausanne. Special guests The Istituto Svizzero will be our guest in the print workshop with an exhibition entitled: “Fair – Models – Fragments of History, Evocative Fair Stands”. Presentation stands from: Air de Paris, Paris; Kurimanzutto, Mexiko City; Sadie Coles, London; Eva Presenhuber, Zurich, Barbara Weiss, Berlin – all of them are galleries (with the exception of Sadie Coles) that began at LISTE and belong to our history. “Fair Models” is organized and curated together with Mousse Magazine & Verlagswesen. Another guest of LISTE, HeK – House of Electronic Arts Basel, will present a site-specific installation by the French artist group RYBN.ORG, together with a new work by budding Swiss artist Lauren Huret. Kaskadenkondensator will present PANCH and Artina. With the invitation to PANCH, Performance Art Switzerland, and with Artina & Friends, the themes of performance, production and project will be addressed.



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