Feria de arte en Basel, Basel-Stadt, Suiza

Liste - Art Fair Basel 2019

Liste Basel / Burgweg 15 / Basel, Basel-Stadt, Suiza
10 jun de 2019 - 16 jun de 2019
10 jun de 2019
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Descripción de la Exposición
LISTE Art Fair Basel, the international fair for new discoveries in contemporary art presented by a younger generation of galleries, is delighted to announce its 24th edition. From June 10–16, 2019, the participating galleries will exhibit artistic positions that not only examine the present but also create it—through new aesthetics, media and values. Under the premise of promoting young art, the LISTE committee selected 77 galleries from 33 countries, with a strong focus on giving significant space to galleries from cities beyond the established art centres as well as on enabling galleries to show for the first time. First time participants 21 galleries will be exhibiting for the first time at LISTE: A Thousand Plateaus Art Space / Chengdu, Adams and Ollman / Portland, Galerie Allen / Paris, Company / New York, Dastan’s Basement / Tehran, Good Weather / North Little Rock, Lucas Hirsch / Dusseldorf, LC Queisser / Tbilisi, Lodos / ... Mexico City, Mujin-to Production / Tokyo, Piedras / Buenos Aires, Piktogram / Warsaw, Polansky / Prague and Brno, Bonny Poon / Paris, ROH Projects / Jakarta, Sandwich / Bucharest, Sariev Contemporary / Plovdiv and Sofia, Seventeen / London, Super Dakota / Brussels, Sweetwater, Berlin / Berlin, and Veda / Florence Solo presentations LISTE’s primary focus is on the artists and strong presentations of their work. Thirty-eight galleries have decided to give a deeper insight into a single artist’s practice through presentations formatted as solo shows. The following artists will have solo presentations: Nick Bastis (Ermes-Ermes), Julie Béna (Joseph Tang), Anca Benera & Arnold Estefán (Ivan), Benji Boyadgian (Öktem Aykut), Catharine Czudej (Ginerva Gambino), Hayden Dunham (Company), Ron Ewert (Good Weather), Andrea Fourchy (Lomex), Patrick Goddard (Seventeen), Penny Goring (Arcadia Missa and Sandy Brown), Emma Hart (The Sunday Painter), Holly Hendry (Frutta), Klára Hosnedlová (hunt kastner), Nona Inescu (Sabot), Agata Ingarden (Piktogram), Sebastian Jefford (Gianni Manhattan), Vikenti Komitski (Sariev Contemporary), Maggie Lee (Édouard Montassut), Keto Logua (LC Queisser), João Loureiro (Galeria Sé), Isaac Lythgoe (Super Dakota), Regina de Miguel (Maisterravalbuena), Hana Miletić (LambdaLambdaLambda), Dylan Mira (Park View/Paul Soto), Yoan Mudry (Union Pacific), Aditya Novali (ROH Projects), Kayode Ojo (Sweetwater, Berlin), Gabriel Pericàs (PM8), Josefine Reisch (Galerie Noah Klink), Liv Schulman (Piedras), Heji Shin (Galerie Bernhard), Aviva Silverman (Veda), Teppei Soutome (Aoyama Meguro), Gili Tal (Jenny's), Yukihiro Taguchi (Mujin-To Production), Xiaoyi Chen (A Thousand Plateaus Art Space), Trevor Yeung (Galerie Allen), and Miao Ying (MadeIn). Joinery: Video & Performance Programme and Spike Forum One of LISTE’s new initiatives is the Joinery: on the one hand it is a place where galleries can show videos and performances that exceed the limitations of their designated stands, and on the other hand it acts as a meeting point and think tank that considers the latest topics in art discourse. For the discourse programme, Spike Art Magazine has been invited as a special guest. In addition to an exhibition at Druckwerk, they are organising the Spike Forum under the topic "The Artist as X: A Series of Conversations on New Artistic Strategies”, which will take place daily from Tuesday to Sunday at the Joinery. The Joinery programme can be found here. Friends of LISTE This year 11 galleries with exceptionally engaging presentations will once again be generously supported by Friends of LISTE through the reduction of participation fees: Bonny Poon / Paris, Édouard Montassut / Paris, Frutta / Rome, Glasgow, Ivan / Bucharest, Lucas Hirsch / Dusseldorf, Park View/Paul Soto / Los Angeles, Brussels, Piedras / Buenos Aires, PM8 / Vigo, Polansky / Prague, Brno, Southard Reid / London, and Truth and Consequences / Geneva. Impact LISTE is particularly pleased to announce Impact, a new grant from a private Swiss foundation, awarded to a gallery that presents its programme for the first time outside of its home country at LISTE and is showing at least one artist who has not yet exhibited abroad. The first gallery supported by Impact is Lodos from Mexico City. Helvetia Art Prize For the 16th time, the Helvetia Art Prize has been awarded. The prestigious prize is aimed at supporting graduates of Swiss art schools in the fields of fine arts and media art. This year's prize, which includes CHF 15,000 and a solo presentation at LISTE, went to Kaspar Ludwig (*1989), a graduate of the Fine Arts Master's programme at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel. Special guests This year LISTE welcomes Spike Art Magazine as a special guest that contributes significantly to the discourse around current topics in art through texts published online and in print as well as through organised events. A returning special guest is Basel’s HeK (Haus der Elektronische Künste), which exhibits digital culture and new art forms of the information age. LISTE’s third special guest is also a returning one: the exhibition space Kaskadenkondensator, located in Werkraum Warteck pp and focussed on performative forms of expression.



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