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Belén Rodríguez, Meteorito Fosforito, 2013 — Cortesía de Screen Projects SL
Evento finalizado
nov 2019
nov 2019


Cuándo: 12 nov de 2019 - 24 nov de 2019
Inauguración: 12 nov de 2019
Dónde: Varios espacios de Barcelona / - / Barcelona, España
Comisariada por: Carolina Ciuti
Organizada por: Screen Projects - Loop
Artistas participantes: Març Rabal
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Descripción de la Exposición

Moving image on site. A programme of collaborative proposals that take shape in exhibitions, screenings, installations and live performances all over the city. Through a wide range of activities, LOOP Festival 2019 will look at the work of contemporary artists and filmmakers that are contributing to shape critical thinking around outer space. At a time when our daily life is irremediably bound to technology and the irrepressible industrial progress is threatening the future of life on Earth, it is indeed worth considering space exploration from different cultural perspectives. The programming will feature internationally renowned artists such as Aleksandra Mir, Anton Vidokle, Agnes-Meyer Brandis, Thao Nguyen-Phan, Guido van der Werve, Regina de Miguel, and will include proposals from regarded collections for time based art such as the Julia Stoschek Collection (Berlin and Düsseldorf), Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (Vienna) and In Between Art Film by Beatrice Bulgari (Rome). Art on screen. A selection of contemporary artist films and videos presented by international galleries in a unique viewing experience. This year again, LOOP Fair 2019 proposes an overview of the current moving image panorama, while touching upon cogent issues that are at once social, conceptual and formal. Immigration, memory, new borders or our relationship with nature and technology are some of the main topics to be addressed by the more than 40 galleries and artists proceeding from 20 different countries that will make up this year's attractive selection. A great occasion for video art curious and specialists alike to catch on new trends in the moving image field, as well as to discover the innumerable challenges posed by the proliferation of new formats, distribution channels and ways to approach artists films and videos. All this in an ideal context to enjoy the artworks and with a parallel festival program that fills Barcelona with high quality audiovisual proposals. Thoughts on video. A series of talks and professional meetings that foster the recognition and appreciation of video and film. By bringing together artists, curators, museum directors and collectors, the LOOP Talks 2019 will look at video and film as means to trigger cultural debate and rethink political imaginaries. Among the participating speakers will be Tao Hui (artist, Esther Schipper, Berlin), Thao Nguyen-Phan (artist, Galerie Zink, Berlin), Romain Kronenberg (artist, Galerie Sator, Paris), Barbara London (independent curator an research, New York), Julia Stoschek (Founder, Julia Stoschek Collection), Sveva and Francesco Taurisano (Collezione Taurisano, Naples), Carlos Urroz (Director, TBA21, Vienna and Madrid), and Daniela Zyman (Chief Curator, TBA21, Vienna and Madrid). More to come soon.


el 05 nov de 2019


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