Manif d'art 8 - Bienal de Québec
Evento finalizado
feb 2017
may 2017


Cuándo: 17 feb de 2017 - 14 may de 2017
Inauguración: 17 feb de 2017
Dónde: Manif d'art - Bienal de Québec / 600, côte d’Abraham / Quebec, Canadá
Comisariada por: Alexia Fabre
Organizada por: Manif d'art - Bienal de Québec
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Descripción de la Exposición

One of Canada’s foremost contemporary art biennials, the Manif d’art – Quebec City Biennial presents the work of some 100 artists from all disciplines. In addition to exhibitions, the event offers an array of activities based on a central theme, distinct for each edition. Since its inception in the fall of 2000, over 30 cultural organizations have helped to make this international festival an absolute must on the arts scene. Its far-reaching program appeals to specialists and novices alike. The 8th edition of Manif d’art – Quebec City Biennial will be held in 2017. Alexia Fabre, the Director and Chief Curator of MAC VAL (Musée d’art contemporain du Val de Marne in France), has been chosen to pilot the 8th edition of the biennial. She will be on the artistic committee of the next biennial, joining Bernard Lamarche, the current Curator of Contemporary Art at MNBAQ, and Claude Bélanger, Executive and Artistic Director of Manif d’art. Anne-Sophie Blanchet will serve as Assistant Curator, representing emerging artists. A theme, in tune with current international trends, quickly emerged: The Art of Joy. The title of a work by Goliarda Sapienza, The Art of Joy is a coming-of-age novel whose heroine makes happiness and self-discovery her sole mission in life. This highly charged and open-ended theme will allow the event to explore the notion of joy not in pure illustrations of the concept, but rather in the expression of its multiple facets. Through existing or new works, it will pursue and ponder this search for a specific relationship with the world, past and present, and everything underpinning it. What will result is a tension between joy and its opposite, between its radiant side and its reverse, darker side.


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