Bienal de arte en Pristina, Vojvodina, Serbia

Manifesta 14

Varios espacios de Pristina / Brick Factory y anterior Hivzi Sulejmani / Pristina, Vojvodina, Serbia
22 jul de 2022 - 30 oct de 2022
22 jul de 2022
Descripción de la Exposición
Across Parcours consisting of 25 different iconic locations in Prishtina – from the brutalist Palace of Youth and Sports to the Ottoman period Great Hamman – Manifesta 14 will bring artistic and urban interventions and a seven-floor thematic exhibition. The biennial programme will feature 102 participants from 30 countries, who will present projects, events, performances, and architectural interventions in a diverse range of public spaces across Prishtina. Of the participants, 39% have Kosovar origins, the highest ever number of local participants in any edition of Manifesta. The inclusion of some of these Kosovar participants has replaced the parallel events featured in previous editions of Manifesta. This spotlight also shines on the rest of the Western Balkans, with a further 25% of the participants heralding from the region. Manifesta 14’s programme responds to Prishtina’s call to reclaim and reimagine public spaces. An Urban Vision and biennial interventions by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati, a series ... of Citizen Consultation, and in-depth research by Manifesta’s Education team, have inspired a multi-layered artistic and urbanistic programme. Under the title, It matters what world worlds world: how to tell stories otherwise, the programme was co-developed with the Manifesta 14 team by Creative Mediator Catherine Nichols in close collaboration with local collectives, artists, scholars, architects, and activists. Manifesta 14’s ambition to establish a long-term interdisciplinary cultural hub has been realized with the renovation of the former Hivzi Sulejmani Library into the Centre for Narrative Practice and Oaza education space, which will open to the public on the 23rd of July 2022. Major urban interventions include the Green Corridor and an Eco Urban Learning Centre in the former Brick Factory. MEDIATED TOURS An essential part of the Manifesta 14 programme, the biennial’s Mediated Tours is the best way to get to know Prishtina and reveal the layers of the multi-faceted programme. The five available tours explore different themes, including memory and space; gathering and public resistance; urban transformation; neoliberalism and the future of public space, and Prishtina’s old and new. Lasting 90-minutes, each Mediated Tour is a dialogue between the visitor groups and the mediator as they explore the stories and histories of the venues, discussing the relationship between these spaces and the interventions and artworks of Manifesta 14 Prishtina. Many tours include short walks within the city, offering the opportunity to discuss public space in Prishtina, how this has been shaped by political movements, and the growing ambition to transform the urban environment. For the first time in Manifesta’s history, Mediated Tours are completely free for regional visitors. International groups will be asked to contribute a small fee for their tour. -------------------------------- Manifesta 14 announces its opening and closing dates and introduces the first urban interventions of CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati in Prishtina, Kosovo. Manifesta 14 announced that the upcoming edition will be held in Prishtina, Kosovo from the 22nd of July until the 30th of October 2022. Organising a biennial during a global pandemic makes us rethink who we are. Today, more than a year since the outbreak of Covid-19, we find ourselves in an urgent state of crisis with multiple dimensions and manifestations touching upon our lives; our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. This current crisis not only threatens institutions, organisations, networks and individuals, but leads us to an ecological transformation of planetary dimension. Artists, ecologists, architects and social designers play a key role in the social and ecological transformation of our times. Within Manifesta 14 taking place in Prishtina, Kosovo, we are looking for a radical change in biennial policies: one of supporting and co-creating relevant sustainable artistic solutions in order to increase creative capacity. We will do this in close relation with Prishtinabased citizens, and the artistic and civic communities, to nurture connectivity and renew our relation with nature, whilst fostering greater awareness of our current realities. Carlo Ratti Associati’s methodology, focusing on participatory urbanism will strengthen Manifesta 14’s mission of working with communities to create sustainable urban solutions. Hedwig Fijen, Founding Director of Manifesta ---------------------------------- The first symbolic urban interventions created in Prishtina, Kosovo by the renowned design and innovation bureau CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati have been revealed. In March 2021, CRA was selected to conduct Manifesta 14’s urban vision of Prishtina. The urban vision informs how Manifesta 14 will take shape within the local context but most importantly it is commissioned to develop how the City of Prishtina could be transformed through reclaiming public space by its citizens. In the press conference Carlo Ratti spoke about the early findings from CRA’s research which was conducted during the past three months, as well as giving his vision as to how the City of Prishtina can be developed in the future according to an open-source framework. CRA’s multidisciplinary design team, based between Turin, New York City, and Prishtina, has proposed a new methodology focusing on participatory urbanism, which is to be tested in Prishtina for the first time. The methodology is composed of three different phases. The initial one, which took place from the start of March 2021, consisted of an extensive series of maps of Prishtina, primarily looking at the state of the city’s public space. This helped to illuminate hidden spatial and social patterns as well as to distinguish key spots - squares and streets, parks and green areas - that are currently underused or misused. During the summer of 2021, as the second phase of the project, these places will become the sites of a series of temporary urban interventions, suggesting alternative ways in which public space might be reclaimed. In the third phase of the project, people will have the possibility to “vote with their feet”: that is, giving direct comments on the design actions. This feedback mechanism will contribute to establish which intervention should be preserved and consolidated for the future of the Kosovo capital, fostering the city’s permanent evolution. It's a unique moment for urban life. Far from rendering cities obsolete, the health emergency of the last year has acted as a catalyst for innovation. This allows us to rethink most assumptions on how we would like our cities to be - in an urban rendition of what the economist Joseph Schumpeter called “creative destruction”. Our project for Manifesta 14 is a first-time experiment with a new methodology for open-source urbanism. It's hard to think of a better living lab than Prishtina - a young capital with extraordinary bottom-up energy and a shifting relationship with public space. Effectively, there is no way to tell which transformation is best unless we test it, and this is what we will start investigating this summer. We invite all people to share their feedback on the urban interventions and contribute to accelerating the evolution of Prishtina. Carlo Ratti, founding partner at CRA design and innovation office, and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The first symbolic intervention will take place at the previously discarded space of the Brick Factory – the city’s most important post-industrial site – and will temporarily be turned into a community space. Through creating an “urban living room", the intervention aims to trigger a debate about how this space can be used by the citizens of Prishtina, how it can be made accessible to the communities and how it can become part of the city’s infrastructure. Alongside the Brick Factory’s urban intervention, a second site, will also test CRA’s methodology. This will take place in the former Hivzi Sulejmani Library, an early 20th century building whose exquisite little garden is currently inaccessible, despite its central location. Together with the local communities and students from the Architectural Faculty of Prishtina’s University, Manifesta 14 aims to shape a new and alternative communal space for the neighbourhood and, through this action, hopes to show how to convert abandoned public spaces into areas where the community can interact with one another. Both the Brick Factory and the former Hivzi Sulejmani will be used as venues for the upcoming edition of Manifesta in 2022 and are part of its vision to reactivate and reclaim public space in Prishtina. Next Manifesta Host Cities: Manifesta 14, Pristina (Kosovo, 2022) Manifesta 15, Barcelona (Spain, 2024) Manifesta 16, Ruhr Area (Germany, 2026)


Imágenes de la Exposición
Manifesta 14 Prishtina participantes

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