Exposición en Lisboa, Portugal

Memória de Pedra

a Ilha + XYZ Books / Rua da ilha do principe 3a, porta E / Lisboa, Portugal
Desde 29 sep de 2016
29 sep de 2016 / 19:00
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Descripción de la Exposición
A ilha + XYZ Books Lisbon are pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition "Memória de Pedra" by Maria Trabulo. This time we gave carte-blanche to the artist to take over our gallery space and put up a show made of site-specific pieces objects. Mrs. Trabulo likes to call these objects "installation art objects made of banalised visual elements that have been drawn from collective consciousness". Simultaneously, and because as you all know we love photobooks, we will be adding a little extra to the party, we'll be launching five photobooks that have been recently procuded by Portuguese artists. Come and join Tito Mouraz, Carlos Lobo, Filipe dos Santos Barrocas, Pedro Guimaraes and Miguel Clara Vasconcelos and José Bacelar for this great evening. A Ilha and XYZ Bookshop welcome Portuguese artist Maria Trabulo who will be presenting her most recent project "Memória de Pedra" [Stone Memory]. Maria Trabulo Maria Trabulo is ... a Portuguese artist living and working between Porto (PT) and Vienna (AU). Maria has sustained an active artistic practice both individually and collectively since 2010, with various solo and group exhibitions in Portugal and abroad. Founding member of the collectives Expedição and Sintoma in Porto. She has been awarded by relevant international institutions, and has participated as invited artist in several publications, lectures, seminars, and artist residencies. Additionally, in consequence of her interest in collaborating with others, over the course of her work Maria has developed collaborative pieces with various professionals in the field of arts, music, design, science, architecture, and theatre. Maria earned her degree in Fine Arts from the University of Porto and the Iceland Academy of the Arts, she is currently attending the Art&Science program at the Angewandte Kunst Akademie in Vienna, conducting an artistic research with the support of Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. Stone Memory When all one can do is to remember, how does one forget? 'It was with charcoal that in that kitchen I drew for nights the cliché images of the Art History. I clear the table and grab the photograph I kept inside my backpack. We were all obliged to carry one. I start with the eyes, to me the most discomfort part. Still today it is difficult for me to draw someone's eyes, perhaps that is why I avoid doing portraits. His eyes are petit and bluish, I softly trace the upper eye line and darken the interior so that one can perceive that the eyes are of a light tone. His eyes bring strange proportions to the drawing, the spacing between them is uncommon, they are positioned to close. I can't get them straight at a first try, so I erase and repeat till it looks as I remember them'.


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Maria Trabulo

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