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Only A Shadow
Evento finalizado
abr 2019
sep 2019


Cuándo: 07 abr de 2019 - 01 sep de 2019
Inauguración: 07 abr de 2019
Dónde: Orange County Museum of Art - OCMA / 850 San Clemente Drive / Newport Beach, California, Estados Unidos
Organizada por: Orange County Museum of Art - OCMA
Artistas participantes: Diego Berruecos Martínez
Publicada el 14 mar de 2019      Vista 94 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

Known for his biting investigations into power structures in Mexican politics, photographer Diego Berruecos offers two bodies of work that together demonstrate the Mexican artist’s insightful and nuanced take on the effects of globalized economic power on rural or economically disadvantaged communities in Mexico. His series 26 Used To Be Gas Stations in Mexico features former state-run Pemex gas stations and shines a light on the impact of the global oil industry on Mexico. His Red Bull series documents Mexican farmers trying the energy drink for the first time. The images call attention to the implications of multi-national economic power dynamics in the context of this farming community.


el 14 mar de 2019