Open Call 2021 On-line // On-site Artist Residencies at GlogauAIR.
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nov 2020
nov 2020


Cuándo : 01 nov de 2020 - 30 nov de 2020
Dónde: Berlin, Alemania
Organizada por: GlogauAIR

Cerrada desde 30-11-2020

Dirigido a: Artistas, Profesionales, Organizaciones
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Teléfonos: +49 (0) 306122275
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Descripción del Premio

GlogauAIR's welcome applications for the year 2021 from all around the world and various backgrounds and disciplines. Join us in our 3 to 6 months residency and take your time and space to research, create, produce, and present your work, alongside with other talented artists in the lively atmosphere of Berlin. There are 13 studios distributed over the top 3 floors. Each floor has a shared kitchen, shower, WC, and WIFI. Basic expenses, including maintenance, gas, electricity, and internet, and utilities are included in the accommodation. The kitchens are fully equipped and the studios have a double sofa bed with bed linen, table, chairs, desk lamp/bed lamp, wardrobe, and shelves. There is also a charming garden and a backyard for common use. Program Fees: Accommodation 600 € / month Program and Technical Support Fee 1.500 € / quarter (paid 120 days in advance. Deposit guarantee 1.000 € (which will be refunded at the end of the Residency) Second artist +100 € / month on accommodation (Only for artists with a proven track record of working together as an artistic pair). GlogauAIR does not provide foundings for the artists but we provide you an extensive list of external ones they can be found in the following link:


el 25 nov de 2020


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