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Oscar Murillo, For the souls of the rotten mighty, 2016. Anyang Public Art Project. Photo: Jungwon Kim. Courtesy the artist.
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jun 2019
ago 2019


Publicada el 12 feb de 2019      Vista 81 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

A World Premiere Shed Commission Murillo, known for exploring the paradox of contemporary globalization—constant exchange, yet increasing displacement—will create new work referencing Diego Rivera’s famed, destroyed murals at Rockefeller Center. This exhibition, which is part of a wider series at The Shed exploring the relationship between art and the politics of space, will include a program of performances, talks, and events. Oscar Murillo addresses the conditions of display in the contemporary art world by engaging with a series of opposites—including work and play, production and consumption, and originality and appropriation. His paintings, video works, and actions are tied to a notion of community stemming from the artist’s cross-cultural ties to diverse cities and places in which he travels and works, and Colombia, where he was born.


el 12 feb de 2019
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