Feria de arte en London, London, City of, Reino Unido

PAD London 2016

Berkeley Square / Berkeley Square / London, London, City of, Reino Unido
03 oct de 2016 - 09 oct de 2016
03 oct de 2016
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Descripción de la Exposición
Patrick Perrin, CEO and President of PAD fairs is delighted to announce the lOth anniversary of PAD London this year. To mark this milestone on 5 October, the fair will pitch a magnificent white tent on Berkeley Square, breaking away from its iconic black pavilion. Over 65 international exhibitors will converge at the square to showcase their most exciting discoveries to date. PAD London has enjoyed a decade of success, turning Mayfair into a vibrant destination for both art and design. The fair made its debut on Hanover Square in 2007 as a salon for design and decorative arts from the 1860s to today, with only twenty exhibitors, the most prominent international dealers in the field at the time. Design was still a nascent market, yet with a strong emergence of new design talents. Together with the pioneering gallery Carpenters Workshop Gallery, PAD set out to support the rise of design ... as high-end collectible art and contributed to reinforcing the market for design, both locally and internationally. In 2009, the fair expanded its global reach and reputation with the introduction of modern art, photography, tribal art and jewellery, referencing its French roots and tradition embodied by PAD Paris, its older sister fair. By relocating to Berkeley Square, the fair doubled its number of exhibitors and attendance figures. Endowed with sophistication and expert leadership, PAD became the first fair in London to bring art and design under one roof, and the only fair to actively support the revival of eclecticism as a collecting trend. Patrick Perrin comments: 'our aim was to bring to London an experience like no other, to share our passion for eclecticism and beautiful objects, and create an elegant salon in the style of a cabinet of curiosities, with the best selection of works available on the market across a broad range of genres. We have worked extremely hard over the past ten years to turn what used to be a modest design fair into what PAD is today, a place to learn, discover and be inspired. We wanted to create a haven for art and design lovers while rigorously maintaining the quality of works on show. We are very proud to be celebrating 10 years in London this year.' For exhibitors, collectors, and art and design professionals, PAD has become a much-cherished event each year. Photography dealer Tim Jefferies from Hamiltons Gallery highlights how 'the combination of location and the quality of the exhibitors has cemented PAD London's position as THE FAIR to attend during this hectic season'. Valerio Capo of Gallery Fumi, a longstanding PAD exhibitor comments: 'What we love about PAD is the cosy and eclectic atmosphere. PAD is the place where you find sophisticated art and design, a place that encompasses the best of the best.' Asian art specialist Michael Goedhuis, who joined the fair last year, refers to PAD as 'unrivalled'. For Robin Katz, dealing in British modern art, 'PAD's enduring appeal stems from its intimate environment. lts small size ensures a curated feel which is the epitome of style.' Julia Peyton-Jones, former Director of Serpentine Galleries, remarks that PAD is a fair where 'you can come and see the absolute world-class museum pictures on the one hand, museum design on the other as well as the practitioners newly emerging.' Collector Elizabeth Saltzman considers PAD 'a meeting place of all the greats - whether it's great friends, great taste, great style.' Magazine editor and collector Carlos Mota is taken by the inspirational side of cross-collecting: 'at PAD, you never know what you are going to fall in love with'. This year the roster of international galleries expands with 14 new additions, a fresh panorama of eye-catching works, a series of enticing talks, a strong Jury for the lOth PAD Prize and a glorious new restaurant by Veere Grenney. Newcomers joining PAD this year include Sarah Myerscough (London), Leclaireur (Paris), Galerie Le Beau (Brussels), Maison Rapin (Paris, Hong-Kong) and Alexandre Guillemain (Paris) in the field of design. Opera (London, Paris, New York, Hong-Kong), Gérard Lasés (Hong-Kong), Dumonteil (Paris, New York, Shangai), Repetto (London), Richard Green (London) and Aktis (London) join the contingency of modern art exhibitors. lmportant new additions to the eclectic mix are: Peter Petrou (London), upholding the 'Cabinet of Curiosities' tradition; and contemporary jewellers Suzanne Syz (Geneva) and Hemmerle (Munich).



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