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Pepe Monserrate
Evento finalizado
nov 2016
nov 2016


Cuándo: 18 nov de 2016 - 26 nov de 2016
Inauguración: 18 nov de 2016
Precio: Entrada gratuita
Dónde: La Galleria Pall Mall / 30 Royal Opera Arcade. SW1Y 4UY / London, London, City of, Reino Unido
Organizada por: La Galleria Pall Mall
Artistas participantes: Marta Torres, Pepe Monserrate
Publicada el 16 nov de 2016      Vista 202 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

We are delighted to present a joint exhibition of the sculptor Pepe Monserrate and painter Marta Torres, established Spanish artists whose inspiration in the mediterranean light will brighten our gallery between the 18th till the 26th of November. Colors, materials, symbols and light will transport us to the East Coast of Spain, the source of inspiration to some other magnificent artists such as Miguel Barceló, Antonio Gaudí, Dalí, Pablo Picasso... PEPE MONSERRATE will be presenting his new sculptural work in stoneware, bronze and iron: “Evolving, Calmness and Beauty”, “The Exit is inside” and “Solitary” three series of Metaphysical artworks inspired on the Mediterranean sea. For Monserrate the sea is a vast source to frame stories, to elevate concepts and to build emotions, an infinite territory to express desires, passions, fears... The Mediterranean as the cradle of occidental civilizations that deepens in the roots of each individual. A symbol of creativity, of the search for the meaning of life and for wisdom... MARTA TORRES will be presenting “Essences of the world” a series of paintings inspired by Ibiza town, and Marrakesh, Paris and London cities. Marta Torres lives and paints in Ibiza. She researches, selects and harnesses all kinds of local materials like windows, sand, doors, pipes, cables, lamps... and combines them with her personal figurative impressions to distil the essences of places considered iconic in her live.


el 16 nov de 2016