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Bosco Sodi — Cortesía de la Galería Hilario Galguera
oct 2020
dic 2020


Publicada el 15 oct de 2020      Vista 14 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

Sited on a once teeming commercial concrete parking lot two blocks south of Pioneer Works, Perfect Bodies speaks to, in artist Bosco Sodi’s words, “silence, contemplation and the passing of time—the small things in life and our relationship with the earth.” The installation consists of large-scale clay spheres and cubes made from local clay fired in the artist’s studio in Oaxaca, Mexico, which made the long journey by road across the Mexico-US border to Red Hook. A longtime resident of the neighborhood—itself named after the tone of its own clay soil—Sodi is known for his use of raw and organic materials to create textured paintings and objects. Sodi’s ongoing dialogue with nature and landscape, shaped by his interests in Japanese aesthetics and Abstract Expression, puts himself in the lineage of both Arte Povera and Land Art—two post-war movements which emphasized, respectively, radically simple materials and an integral relationship between art and earth. As Spanish author Juan Manuel Bonet remarked in the artist’s 2020 eponymous monograph, his three dimensional works reconcile an interest in minimalism with the practices of Mexican heritage. On this topic, curator Dakin Hart further writes: “At his place in Oaxaca, Sodi hand forms large geometric sculptures from clay and fires them in a makeshift kiln on the beach. Cuboids in different formats recall the scale and how-did-they-do-that-craft of cyclopean architecture across the ancient world. While spheroids, each formed by eye in a landscape of unbelievable things, might be the petrified remnants—or organic vanguard—of a Jurassic invasion. The past seeding itself into the present, a starting point for nature’s revenge.” Speaking of the transformation of Red Hook’s open spaces in the spring and summer, Hart calls lots like this one “ad hoc sites in a weed jungle experiment for the re-greening of New York,” saying, “This one would be an ideal place to transplant Sodi’s clay pods, to see what else might grow here.” Perfect Bodies will furthermore act as a locus for a number of community-oriented programs, including adult educational workshops and other activations, and follow the artist’s 2014 solo exhibition The Last Day at Pioneer Works. Bosco Sodi: Perfect Bodies is presented by Pioneer Works, with support from Kasmin Gallery.


el 15 oct de 2020
15 dic - 20 dic
Feria de arte en Fundación Carlos de Amberes / Madrid, España

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