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Peter Weibel
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may 2017
may 2017


Publicada el 27 abr de 2017      Vista 285 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

In keeping with the purpose of this year’s edition of LOOP Barcelona, structured around an “archaeology of video art,” we present “Lumina,” one of the emblematic installations of artist, theorist and curator Peter Weibel (Odessa, 1944). This project allows us to return to the very beginnings of video art, strongly influenced by the format of installation, which had become established as a novel type of “expanded sculpture.” In the same vein, Peter Weiber. Lumina. 1977 helps us situate ourselves within historical-conceptual itinerary, “Timescapes LOOP Barcelona 2017,” which was conceived together with Erick Beltrán. Included in it are the Movement(s) of ’77 in Italy, the Atocha Massacre and Spain’s first democratic elections in 41 years, the establishment of the Pompidou center, and many other events. Presenting the installation at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion permits us to consider the historical changes that have taken place since the pavilion’s initial construction for the 1929 International Exposition and the premiere of Lumina nearly 50 years later. The setting prompts us to explore the links in aesthetic terms between the possibilities of minimalism in architecture and in art — a question that was put to the test in the early days of video art.


el 27 abr de 2017