Feria de arte en Munich, Bayern, Alemania

Positions Munich Art Fair feat. paper positions.munich

Karl & Faber Kunstauktionen / Amiraplatz 3 – Luitpoldblock / Munich, Bayern, Alemania
22 oct de 2020 - 25 oct de 2020
22 oct de 2020
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Descripción de la Exposición
From 22 - 25 October 2020, paper positions.munich presents selected artistic positions from 21 galleries in a group exhibition with works on paper at the Munich auction house Karl & Faber. For the art market, the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair and paper positions.berlin in September already took an important step back to normality and proved that art fairs are possible even in times of Corona. In the form of a special presentation, paper positions.munich will again enrich the southern German art scene this autumn. The curated group exhibition offers an overview of a diverse selection of paper-based art works in the premises of the centrally located Munich auction house Karl & Faber. Through the exciting mix of up-and-coming positions and renowned artists, visitors are offered artistic positions of high quality and a wide range of 21 exhibitors. Among others, works by Matthias Weischer, Katrin Bremermann, Artjom Chepovetskyy, Corinne von Lebusa, Diet Sayler, ... Ruprecht von Kaufmann, David Eager Maher, Simon Schubert and Jakob Mattner will be on display. EXHIBITORS 2020 418 Gallery, Munich/Cetate Artoxin Galerie, Munich Galerie Renate Bender, Munich Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich Evelyn Drewes Galerie, Hamburg Galerie Thomas Fuchs, Stuttgart Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin Galerie J.J. Heckenhauer, Munich Jarmuschek+Partner, Berlin Kleindienst Leipzig, Leipzig Galerie Ulf Larsson, Cologne Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister, Regensburg Galerie Martin Mertens, Berlin Micheko Galerie, Munich Galerie Mönch Berlin, Berlin Galerie Nanna Preußners, Hamburg Smudajescheck, Munich Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt am Main Galerie Tammen, Berlin Thaler Originalgrafik, Leipzig Galerie Thomas Modern, Munich The safety of the visitors is of course our top priority. The pandemic-related hygiene concept for the exhibition includes not only the wearing of a mouth-nose cover and compliance with the applicable distance regulations, but also contactless data acquisition and temperature measurement as well as the access of a maximum of 25 persons in 1-hour slots at the same time. The time slots must be reserved online in advance, while VIPs and guests of the galleries will have the opportunity to register first. From Monday, 19 October, slots can also be booked via our website. The entry is free of charge. Opening hours Thu 6 - 10 pm Fri 2 – 8 pm Sat 2 - 8 pm Sun 11 am – 4 pm



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