Presence - Absence
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nov 2011
dic 2011

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Cuándo: 19 nov de 2011 - 20 dic de 2011
Inauguración: 19 nov de 2011
Dónde: Pantocrátor Gallery - Shanghai [ESPACIO CERRADO] / M50. Moghanshan Rd. Bld. 4B 105. / Shanghai, China
Organizada por: Pantocrátor Gallery
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Descripción de la Exposición

Artitas: Berto Martínez, Makode Linde, Nick Gentry, Jonatan Moreno, Piacha, Conrad Roset, Keflione.



Contemplating Art is like looking out of the window. That way we see the world, we encounter something that is beyond our space and brings us to a different location.


But it is also a mirror that allows us to see ourselves and, at best, further understand our human condition.


PRESENCE-ABSENCE invites us to rethink the trace of humanity in contemporary art, from the perspective of several artists who, from a fresh eye and without prejudice, attack head-on the notion of identity.


In this case, the trace of humanity is not only limited to the portrait, as a track of a presence suspended in time. Nor is it an inquiry into its psychological root, which struggles to find an identity from an existential perspective. Now, the rules of the game have changed and what it is suggested here is a distant view of the human spectrum covering both surface symbols with which we build our identity and the traces that human presence has left in the past.


Do we really see what they are when we look at the others? When we look in the mirror, do we really see us the way we are? When we contemplate a work of art, do we see the trail of the human being? Do we really question behind the façade of appearances?


Behind every absence there is a presence.



el 26 may de 2016


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