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25 may de 2017 - 25 may de 2017
Cerrada desde 25-05-2017
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As part of the Related Group's commitment to creative endeavors and culture, and to pay tribute to the vast and diverse artistic tradition in Argentina, the firm joined forces with the government of the City of Buenos Aires and donated a section of its real estate to serve as a public sculpture park that will display the winning works. The Related Award consists of a purse of more than US$200,000.00 that includes the production of the works. About this important initiative, Patricia Hanna, art director of Related Group, said the following: "Buenos Aires is a city with an incredible tradition of parks and sculptures. We want to celebrate this and offer the city a special space for art in the Puerto Madero neighborhood. We believe that this Plaza de Esculturas [Sculpture Square], located across from the dam and populated by iconic works, will become a point of reference in the city." Launched ... in 2016, the call is open to all Argentinean artists over the age of 18 living in Argentina or abroad. More than 50 artists participated in that first edition of the event. Incidentally, all the winners were women who were selected because of the strength and impact of their proposals. The committee entrusted with selecting the winning works was formed by: Tobías Ostrander, chief curator of art of the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM); Sonia Becce, independent curator based in Bueno Aires; Aníbal Jozami, president of the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) and director of the UNASUR Biennial, and Patricia Hanna, art director of Related Group. The winners are: Julio Le Parc Award: Marie Orensanz. She currently lives in Paris. After active participation in the art scene of Argentina during the 1960s and 1970s, Orensanz moved to Europe. In keeping with her trajectory as sculptor, her proposal "The Environment Conditions People," incorporates the drawing and writing traditions. First Honorable Mention: Diana Cabeza. Director of Estudio Cabeza dedicated to industrial design, located in Buenos Aires. Cabeza's proposal is titled Ruedas (Wheels) and consists of a series of colored fiberglass tubes. This work was conceived to encourage viewer participation and integrates art and design in a very interesting manner. Second Honorable Mention: Nicola Costantino. In 1998 represented Argentina at the São Paulo Biennial and since then has participated in several exhibitions in museums around the world. His proposal titled Fuente de Vida (Fountain of Life) consists of a sculpture/water fountain that is integrated to the landscape. Carlos Rosso, president of Related, said the following about the winning proposals: "These works will be added to a group of works that includes the installation by Graciela Sacco, the murals by Fabian Burgos and the works by several international artists of the highest level that will be installed as part of our project."



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