Resonating Surfaces
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nov 2016
feb 2017

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Publicada el 22 nov de 2016      Vista 218 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

Artistas: Aleta Valente, Björn Braun, Bruce Nauman, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, David Bestué, Deyson Gilbert, Dominique González-Foerster, Dora Garcia, Franz Erhard Walther, Ingasi Aballí, Jac Leirner, Jason Dodge, Josh Tonsfeldt, Lawrence Weiner, Lenora de Barros, Lucas Arruda, Luis Bisbe, Lygia Clark, Manon de Boer, Pablo Alonso, Pablo Pijnappel, Pamela Rosenkranz, Paulo Monteiro, Wagner Malta Tavares, Wilfredo Prieto, Willys de Castro. It is with great pleasure that Mendes Wood DM presents Resonating Surfaces, a group show curated by Catalan artist Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, which is an investigation on the affective dualities of the form in the work of 27 artists. Strongly influenced by his experience in Brazil – the artist has been based in Rio de Janeiro for 12 years –, the exhibition uses the inventiveness of Brazilian avant-gardes as a reading lens for a certain international canon, applying both formal and conceptual connections between distinct artworks and the experience of the body in the space shared with the pieces. – Steegmann Mangrané writes… If you take a point and extend it in any direction you get a line, and if you extend this line, you get a surface. The surface is a bidimensional space, but if you want to flip it and access its other side you have to go through a tridimensional space to get back to the bidimensional. I keep wondering if, similarly, you want to transform an object you need to go through a fourth-dimensional space. Many years ago, while still living in Barcelona, I saw a wonderful show of Lygia Clark. At that time you where still able to manipulate her Bichos, so I did. Transforming that strange sculpture I realized it was simultaneously transforming myself: there was not a mere folding and playing, but a dynamic relation of mutual transformations. It is commonly understood that this fourth dimension necessary to transform any object is Time, but I do not think so. I believe this fourth dimension is Love and everything related to it: Care, Devotion, Tenderness, Sympathy, Affection. Our body is not only transversed but made of affects, affects that come at play in the strangest ways, deeply entangled in ourselves.


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