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Misterpiro — Cortesía de Gerhardt Braun Gallery
Evento finalizado
ago 2019
oct 2019


Cuándo: 02 ago de 2019 - 31 oct de 2019
Inauguración: 02 ago de 2019 / 20:00
Precio: Entrada gratuita
Dónde: Gerhardt Braun Gallery ART LAB / Sant Feliu, 17 / Palma, Baleares, España
Organizada por: Gerhardt Braun Gallery
Artistas participantes: Andrés Sánchez-Ocaña Núñez - Misterpiro
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Publicada el 29 jul de 2019      Vista 85 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

Misterpiro, artista visual y urbano de renombre internacional, presentará su nueva exposición “Retorn a l’illa”, compuesta por 15 obras, las más grandes presentadas hasta el momento por el artista. “Retorn a l’illa” es un proyecto que se ha desarrollado durante los últimos dos meses en Gerhardt Braun Gallery – Artist in Residence. --------------------------------- In his second residence with Gerhardt Braun Gallery, urban artist Misterpiro returns to what is already one of his places in the world, Mallorca. “Retorn a l’illa” is a celebration of the island, a tribute in which each painting becomes a photograph of his soul, all the shades of the blue of the sea that embraces its coast, the ochre of the stones of the villages of the Tramuntana mountains, the green that floods everything or the range of roses that blur the sky at sunset. But it also portrays its form; water in the diluted stains of color or in the drops that dot the canvas, or the rocks that drill the island, represented by the abrupt cuts that cross the painting with its lines that evoke the slanted profiles, drawn by the mountains on the horizon. That mixture of color and shape, floods the larger-format pictures that the artista has never faced before. Some are excessive, overflowing with stains,lost between colored threads. Others are calmer and rising in front of us with an enduring elegance. The same thing happens in Mallorca: Paradise shared by the multitude with crowded beaches or a place known to a few with hideouts full of calm. Dicctomy that is also present in the work of the artist, a work sometimes chaotic, sometimes serene. In “Retorn a l’illa” both styles coexist in harmony and, precisely thanks to this cohabitation,Misterpiro's work today achieves his maturity. Guiomar Puerta


el 11 oct de 2019
05 nov - 26 nov
Curso Online.

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