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Rui Toscano, video still `To The Mountain Top´, 2004
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sep 2016
oct 2016

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Cuándo: 10 sep de 2016 - 23 oct de 2016
Inauguración: 09 sep de 2016 / 18:00
Dónde: Spazio Ridotto / Calle del Ridotto - 1835 / Venice, Veneto, Italia
Organizada por: Zuecca Gallery
Artistas participantes: Arash Nassiri, Denicolai & Provoost , Julião Sarmento
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Descripción de la Exposición

Zuecca Project Space invites Gregory Lang to present a new exhibition: ´Shots of architecture' with contemporary artists films, comprised almost exclusively of tracking shots, projected in the Spazio Ridotto, near Piazza San Marco, during the 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture, 2016. Why are artists scanning buildings and "framing" architecture? More than arbitrary selections of random images of architecture, many artists are increasingly interested in exploring architecture for its historical and even intimate relation to the built environment. They like to examine, investigate and give evidence to what architecture is. They explore what makes sense, what changes, and reflect on questions of architecture's relation to our time. The selected video works help us to experience something different in relation to a construction site, a brand new villa, some village houses, modernist city buildings, a contemporary megapolis, or the exhibition space itself. Inspired by details that disappear out of our reality into another space, we are encouraged to perceive architecture and space phenomenologically, as a kind of a strange world where one encounters a chaotic, primordial reality. The videos included in the exhibition position the viewer at the intersection of mental and physical spaces. Each artist's film scans buildings or architecture with directness and simplicity, through a camera zooming in or a panoramic tracking shot. Architecture has an internal cinematographic relationship, as the spatiality and haptic mobility it makes possible contains a proto-narrative aspect. There is a parallel between developments arising from the camera's mobility and the filming procedure of cinematographic montage or editing, and the idea of the architectural space's structure. In these time-based works, the narrative is an outcome of observation and is exclusively drawn from duration, contemplation, and reflection. Each building is filmed with a ghost-like presence. Most often no one or few people are seen passing through these spaces, each film is reinforced by a soundtrack that embodies the artist's intentions, creating an introspective atmosphere which underlines the phenomenological nature of our experience and interaction with the built environment.


el 07 sep de 2016

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