Exposición en Baleares, España

Sidival Fila: Metáforas

Baró Galería - Palma de Mallorca / Can Sanç 13 - 1 / Baleares, España
02 sep de 2021 - 03 oct de 2021
02 sep de 2021
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Descripción de la Exposición
Sidival Fila (Estado de Paraná, Brasil, 1962) -artista y miembro de la Orden Franciscana de los Frailes Menores- busca la belleza en el material noble, humilde, en objetos y tejidos desechados. Sus obras tienen como objetivo dar nueva voz a estos materiales, devolver su forma y valorar su existencia, contando la historia de cada trozo de materia encontrada y haciéndola parte de la suya. En esta ocasión, Sidival Fila nos lleva a contemplar la trama de su obra, dominada y hecha forma a través de su maestría al entelar. Sidival Fila vive y trabaja en Roma, en el Convento de los frailes franciscanos de San Bonaventura al Palatino. BARÓ presenta Metáforas en la Sala 1 de su espacio y les invita a hacer el recorrido expositivo por la muestra en Casa Museu Can Marquès y en la Esglesia Sant Antoniet del Obispado de Mallorca. ________________ Sidival Fila's work has captivated us countless times. ... The beauty of the "stroke", urged through the loom, connects us as part of the warp, with each piece of cloth or ancient paper brought to this time and made part of our emotion when we contemplate his work. Sidival Fila (artist and member of the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor) seeks beauty in noble, humble material, in discarded objects and fabrics. His works aim to give these materials a new voice, restore their shape and value their existence, telling the story of each piece of material found and making it part of his own. On this occasion, with the presentation of 26 works, Sidival Fila takes us to contemplate the weft of his work, dominated and shaped through his mastery of weaving. Others, sensibly subjected to the natural silhouette of trunks, branches or pieces of wood, which give way to three-dimensionality and the sculpture with which he surprises us in this exhibition. Casa Museu Can Marquès, the Esglesia Sant Antoniet del Obispado de Mallorca, and the BARÓ Gallery, invite us to a tour of the urban and historical fabric of Palma, with an itinerary through these three places that will house the aesthetic proposal of the artist Sidival Fila. The exhibition will be open to the public from September 2 to October 3, at Casa Museu Can Marqués, (Can Anglada, 2A) and at Esglesia Sant Antoniet (Carrer de Sant Miquel, 32). And from September 18 to November 6 at BARÓ Galería, Carrer de Can Sanç 13. The Diocese of Majorca, the Baró Gallery and Casa Museo Can Marquès have each joined forces to present this exhibition by Sidival Fila. The three entities, giving the best of themselves, have embarked on this constructive, discursive project to provide the spectacle over three venues. Sidival Fila, a Franciscan friar and artist, is one of the most recognized creators of contemporary art internationally. In his works, he constructs a new narrative based on his personal search for meaning and spirituality, using the materials he comes across throughout his life: humble, recycled materials, fabrics, mainly old and used in liturgical celebrations, objects, pieces of plants... All of this in his hands, united by the threads of noble materials, such as cotton and linen, running the whole gamut of available colours and the wide diversity of textures, constitutes a veritable experience of beauty that makes the spirit soar. Sidival Fila manages to convert the tangible into the spiritual, with light, clarity and eminence. BEAUTY, ART AND TRANSCENDENCE NADAL BERNAT SALAS -------------------------------------- SIDIVAL FILA b. Brazil, 1962. Live and works in Rome, at the Convent of the Franciscan friars of San Bonaventura al Palatino. A constant feature in the aesthetical path of Sidival Fila, an artist and member of the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor, is his research for contact with matter. This includes humble material, discarded objects, all the way to free and introflexed fabrics. His works of art aim at giving a voice back to these materials, as he attempts to tell their story and enable the perception of their vibrations. Sidival Fila as an adolescent he began to be deeply interested in plastic arts, particularly painting. He loves Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque, but feels most attracted by modem artistic movements from Impressionism to Cubism. After a few years, and after various work experiences he decided to give way to his vocation to religious life, and thus abandoned his worldly projects and entered the Order of the Friars Minor of San Francis of Assisi. Sidival Fila was born in Brasil, in the State of Parana, in 1962. As an adolescent he began to be deeply interested in plastic arts, particularly painting.In 1985 Sidival moved to Italy in search of his artistic and personal identity and in order to improve his knowledge of pointing and sculpture. After a few years, and after various work experiences he decided to give way to his vocation to religious life, and thus abandoned his worldly projects and entered the Order of the Friars Minor of San Francis of Assisi. He was ordained in 1999, interrupting his artistic production for eighteen years. Gradually, and starting with minor restoration works, he began to approach art again and in 2006 produced his first new paintings, which betray the influence of Pollock's Action Painting, and an affinity with Informal art and Spatialism. In those first years of his artistic “Vita Nuova” he created works of great intensity and stylistic rigour all made with poor materials: paper, wood, canvas, old cloth, metals, chalk, worn matresses. In 2006 he organized his first personal exhibition at the Convent of St. Bonaventure in Frascati. In 2007 his first personal exhibition at Convent of St. Bonaventure in Frascati. In 2009 he held a small personal exhibition in Rome, his first, at the gallery Le Passage du Russie, at the Hotel du Russie, which attracted attention and curiosity towards his work from the artistic milieu of the capitol, as well as from foreign collectionists. He subsequently held on exhibition in Monaco at the Galerie du Gilda Pastor Center, entitled “L’Eloquence de la Matiere”. He was invited in 2010 to exhibit at “Trasparenze: l'Arte per le Energie Rinnovabili”, a collective exhibition held at the MACRO Museum in Testaccio in Rome (later also in Naples at the MADRE-Museo d’Arte Donna Regina}, dedicated to sustainable growth and to the commitment to the recovery of the planet’s environment; in 2011 he took part in the exhibition “The Splendour of Truth and he Beauty of Love – Artists for Benedict XVI on the 60th anniversary of his Ordination”, organized by the Pontificium Consilium de Cultura. It’s of 2015 the "TrasFormAzione" exhibition (together with Yves Klein and Tito) at Bilotti Museum and in 2016, he exhibited at the Embassy of Brazil in Italy, at Palazzo Pamphilj in Piazza Navona, with a personal exhibition called "Metaphor". In spring 2016, there is the exhibition “DRÔLES DE TRAMES!”, at Le Fresnoy - Studio des Arts Contemporains - in Lille, France, where its works are called to dialogue with important artists such as Thomas Bayrle, Blanca Casas Brullet, Dan Flavin, Sheila Hicks, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Sol LeWitt, Jean-Michel Meurice, François Morellet, François Rouan and Pablo Valbuena. In May 2017, one of his project won the selection organized by the contemporary art and music center of the Sankt Peter Kunst-Station in Cologne (Germany), where, in the spring of the same year, Fila proposed a site specific installation that invests the entire architectural structure. On 20 February 2018 has been performed an artistic exhibition at Palazzo delle Scintille, in Milan, for the presentation of the Moncler collection by Pierpaolo Piccioli, Valentino's creative director, within the Moncler Genius Collection Fall 2018-2019 project.



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