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The Karla Osorio Gallery presents its first group show, with an exhibit that occupy three of its pavilions at the gallery and gathers 15 (fifteen) artists, including two new represented artists, Bené Fonteles, Estela Sokol and Julio Leite as a special guest. Some of the artists like Bel Barcellos, Galeno, Marcelo Solá, Rodrigo Mogiz, have already shown their work in solo exhibitions at the gallery, and two of them – Almandrade and Roland Gebhardt – participated at the gallery’s artistic residency program, when they spent weeks focused in their creative and productive process. To many of them, it will be the first time showing their works in the new premises of the gallery. It is the case of the artists Bené Fonteles, Bruno Duque, Dirceu Maués, Estela Sokol, Gauthier d’Ydewalle, Maria Lynch, Ricardo Homen and Thomas Kellner. However, some of their works have already been shown by the gallery in art fairs like SP-Arte, Arte Rio, EXPO Chicago, VOLTA 13, VOLTA NY, and many across Brazil and overseas. About the artists Almandrade (BA) – Visual artist, architect, poet, master in urban design. He has had several solo shows and also participated of several group exhibits, among them: XII, XIII and XVI Bienal de São Paulo; “In Search of the Essence” – special exhibition of the XIX São Paulo Biennial; IV National Exhibition; Universo do Futebol (MAM / Rio); National Fair (S. Paulo); II Salão Paulista, 1st International Exhibition of Sculpture Efêmeras (Fortaleza); I Salão Baiano; II National Salon; Honorable Mention at the I Student Hall in 1972. He has integrated collections of visual poems, multimedia and installations projects in Brazil and abroad. He was one of the creators of the Language Studies Group of Bahia who published the magazine “Semiotics” in 1974. He has held more than thirty individual exhibitions in Salvador, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília and São Paulo between 1975 and 2016; Bel Barcellos (RJ) – Born in Boston (US), she has a Performing Arts degree in Rio de Janeiro and a Master Performing arts degree with honors from the University of Hull, England. As a starting point, Bel Barcello’s research has the human figure and its dualities; however, these aren’t the only core of her work. Her universe refers to a complex particular territory, where the embroidered lines let arise limits, choices, division of affections, nuances of human relationships, the threshold between dream and reality. She has presented her artwok in museums and cultural centers, Brazil and abroad, since 1995. Highlights: solo exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro (1995); the Research Center of Brazilian Maputo, Mozambique (1997); the Museum of the Republic of Rio de Janeiro (1998). Bené Fonteles (PA) – Born in 1953 in Bragança-PA, he lives and works in Brasilia. He is a visual artist, journalist, editor, writer, poet and composer. He began his career in 1971 in the 3º Salão Nacional de Artes Plásticas of the state of Ceará. Since then he wanders between art and craftwork, basing his technique in the transformation of sheer and sometimes fragile materials, in their natural state or barely touched by man, like stones, logs, ropes, rustic fabrics, wires, among others. For five times he participated at the Bienal de São Paulo, as well as at the Panorama de Arte Atual Brasileira at the MAM in São Paulo and experimental shows at the Museu de Arte Contemporânea of the Universidade de São Paulo. From his solo shows, it can be highlighted the “Audiovisuais” and “Terra”, produced at the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, “Bené Fonteles” at the Parque Laje in Rio de Janeiro and many others. Fonteles can also be found in private collections and many public and institutional collections in cities like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Belem, Cuiaba, Paris and New York. Bruno Duque (BH) – Born in Belo Horizonte, lives and works in Brasília. He spent a year at The Czech Republic in 1999 and lived in Spain between 2006 and 2010. Nowadays, Bruno Duque is undertaking his Master’s degree in Art and Technology from the University of Brasília. He graduated in Visual Arts from Escola Guinard (Belo Horizonte). Bruno is a multimedia artist that works with video, photography and painting. He founded the artist’s group Diametral, a communication platform between Brazil and Japan, streaming the sunrise and the sunset at the same time on each side of the globe. His current research is about cosmology and quantum physics. Bruno Duque has been is several exhibitions all over the world, among them: Centre Cívic Guinardó, Barcelona; The Belizário Gallery art Fair, Buenos Aires; Bank of Brazil Cultural Center from Belo Horizonte. He participated in diverse art salons like The 20th Art Salon from Anapolis; The 14th State Visual Arts Salon from Balaio de Arte e Cultura, Patos de Minas. He got an got an honor mention for his work “fotógrafos (II)” in The VII Bienal de Pintura de Pequeno Formato, Lisbon. Dirceu Maués (PA) – Born in Belém do Pará (Brazil), he lives and works between Brasília and Belo Horizonte. He has a Master degree in Fine Arts from The University of Brasília – UNB. Dirceu was a photojournalist of major newspapers in Belém (PA). He began his photography, film and video authorship work in 2003. Since then his research is based on handmade pinhole cameras and poor equipment. He was a visiting artist at Künstlerhaus Bethanien / Berlin (Itaú Cultural) and won the Funarte Exchange stimulus to artistic creation prize. He has participated in Meetings with Photography program, FNAC (2009). He held solo exhibitions in Berlin, Montevideo, Katowice (Poland), São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Curitiba and Belém. Estela Sokol (SP) – She lives and works in Sao Paulo. She was nominated to the Prêmio PIPA 2012 and participated of many shows in Brazil and overseas. Between them it can be highlighted the solo shows “Secret Fores” (Gallery 32, London, UK), “Licht Konkret” (Galerie Wuensch, Linz, Austria, 2011), “A Morte das Ofélias” (Anita Schwartz gallery, RJ. 2011), “Clarabóia” (Paço das Artes in Sao Paulo, 2010) and “Sol de Inverno” (Palácio das Artes, Belo Horizonte, 2008). From her group shows it can be highlighted: III Bienal Del Fin Del Mundo (Ushuaia, Argentina, 2011), 16º Bienal de Cerveira (Cerveira, Portugal, 2011), Nova escultura Brasileira (Caixa Econômica, Rio de Janeiro, 2011) Mapas Invisíveis (Caixa Cultural São Paulo, 2011), Arte Lusófona Contemporânea (Memorial da América Latina, São Paulo, 2011), Light Art Bienalle (Linz, Austria, 2010), Nova Arte Nova (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, 2008-09). She has already been awarded by “I Concurso Itamaraty de Arte Contemporânea” in 2011; “Mostras de artistas no exterior”, as part of the Programa Brasil Arte Contemporânea, Fundação Bienal Sao Paulo 2010; “Temporada de Projetos Paço Das Artes”, Sao Paulo, in 2009; “Edital Revelação MACC”, Sao Paulo, in 2004. Galeno (PI) – Born in Delta do Parnaíba (PI), he lives and works between Brasília & Parnaíba. He studied arts in Brasilia with artists and at the University of Brasília. His works rescue a strong and constructivist painting and sculpture in a very singular way. Contemporary, but also very attached to his roots and personal history. Elements and narratives from his childhood creates a singular geometric and colorful universe, very unique. He has participated in several group and solo exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, mainly in Europe. He won several awards such as Acquisition Prize, including for residences abroad. He is one of selected artists for Mercosul Biennial 2015. He has works in several private and public collections in Brazil and abroad, including Museum of Art in Rio (director Paulo Herkenhofff), as well as in many museums overseas, specially in the US (Los Angeles, Houston and New York). Gauthier d’Ydewalle (BEL) – Born in Belgium, he lives and works in Brussels. He has a degree in philosophy and political science at UCL in Belgium. He is a journalist, art critic and author of chronicles. Self-taught photographer, in 2002, he establishes a studio dedicated to photographs of still life. He first worked in cinema with a large format of technical room before switching to ultra-high resolution digital photography. In 2011, he is dedicated exclusively to the photographic project exploring the relationship between image and thought through representations of the book. He had a major solo exhibition in 2013 in Biblioteca Wittockina in Brussels. The museum now permanently displays one of his photographs entitled “Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment.” The work is included in the collection of the King Bedouin Foundation. He has works in several private and public collections around the world, including Brazil at Museum of Art in Rio (director Paulo Herkenhofff) and other important ones. Julio Leite (PB) – He has a degree in Social Comunication by the Universidade Estadual da Paraiba in 2000 and dedicates himself to the visual arts. He was a substitute professor at the Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (2002-2005), when he was focused in the research and orientation of urban arts, video, photography, art & technology projects. In 2004 he created the Cilindro gallery in Campina Grande, where he lives and works to this day. From his recent exhibitions, it can be highlighted “Zona de Fronteira”, at the Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste (Fortaleza, 2010), “Futebol de Salão”, Lurixs Arte Contemporânea gallery (Rio de Janeiro, 2010), “Obranome”, at EAV Parque Lage (Rio de Janeiro, 2009), “Vídeo Urgente”, Cilindro gallery (Campina Grande, 2009), “Experimental” at Centro Cultural Dragão do Mar (Fortaleza, 2003). He was one of the finalista of the show “HTTPvídeo” produced by the Instituto Cultural Sérgio Motta (São Paulo, 2011) and received a scholarship for an artistic residency program by the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (São Paulo, 2011). Marcelo Solá (GO) – Born in 1971, lives and works in Goiania, Brazil. His work is oriented towards the new borderline of the drawing. Painting-Drawing and Installation-Drawing, as items with objects, always as a extended activity, almost obsessive, that acquire characteristics out of its genre. For some years his works receive attention of the specialized critics. He has participated of many group exhibitions and solo shows. The highlights of the later being, at the gallery Casa de Cultura Laura Alvin 2010; Nova Arte, 2009; Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, 2009; gallery Virgilio, 2009; MAMAM – Pátio, Recife, 2009; Espaço Cultural Contemporâneo – ECCO, 2009; Funarte, Brasília, 2005; at the Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Goiania, at the gallery Casa Triangulo, Sao Paulo, 1999; at the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes, Rio de Janeiro; and at the Centro Cultural São Paulo, Sao Paulo, in 1997. Maria Lynch (RJ) – Maria Lynch was born in 1981 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, current living and working in NY. In 2008, she earned an MA and a Post-Graduate Diploma from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. Her main exhibitions include ‘The Jerwood Drawing Prize’, a traveling exhibit shown in London and across England in 2008, ‘Nova Arte Nova’, at CCBB Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo curated by Paulo Venâncio. In 2010 she was contemplated with the Marcantônio Vilaça Funarte Prize. In 2011 the artist was invited to the 6th Bienal de Curitiba, Vento Sul curated by Alfon Hug. In 2012, Maria showed the installation ‘Ocupação Macia’ at the Paço Imperial Museum, Rio de Janeiro, and the performance ‘Incorporáveis’ at Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro. Was invited ‘London Olympics Games Exhibit’ at the Barbican Centre. In 2013 Maria has done the solo show ‘Acontecimento Encarnado’ at Anita Schwartz Gallery in Rio de Janeiro, won the selection for a public art competition at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, RJ, Brazil and show ‘Bordalianos do Brasil’ at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal. After doing the Residencie Unlimited, NY, EUA in 2014 she was contemplated with the Prize and grant in NY by the Brazilian Embasy for a solo exhibition at Storefront For Art And Architecture, NY, EUA. Ricardo Homen (MG) – Born in Belo Horizonte in 1961. He is both a painter and drawer. He already took part of group shows when, in 1984, he was at the fine arts course at the Escola Guignard. He presents his works in group exhibitions in many cities, like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Belem and Salvador. In his trajectory, it is possible to highlight his participation at the Panorama do Desenho Atual, in 1990 at the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo – MAM/SP and three solo shows at the Centro Cultural São Paulo – CCSP in 1990, 1997 and 2003. In Belo Horizonte he presented his works at the show BR/80 Pintura Brasil Década 80, at the Itaú Cultural institute in 1991. He showed his works at the Museu de Arte da Pampulha – MAP in 1990 at the group show Poética do Acaso and in 2004 at the show Obra Colecionada: 1943-2003. His first solo show dates back from 1989 at the Macunaima gallery, in Rio de Janeiro. Since then, he keeps showing his works regularly. Rodrigo Mogiz (MG) – Born in 1978, he was born and lives in Belo Horizonte. He has B.A. in painting and drawing from the School of Fine Arts of UFMG, also performs curatorship and community work. His authorial work addresses poetic transiting between drawing, painting and embroidery, also using application beads, lace and pins. His works create very poetic and delicate narratives that exude great strength and extreme creative rigor. Since the 2000s he takes part of solo and group shows across the country and is present in many public and private collections. Most recently he also participated of the exchange program promoted by the Karla Osorio Gallery, which resulted in the exhibition Le Crime Farpait, at the gallery Alma Espace d’Art, in Paris, France. Roland Gebhardt (SUR/EUA) – Born in Parammaribo, Suriname (1939), educated in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. He is a Master in Fine-Arts by the Art Academy of Hamburg (1964). Gebhardt is a minimalist art by excellence since the 70’s, making artworks in many medias, such as marble, boulders, stell, wood, aluminum and paper. He participated of many group shows with coevals of that time, such as Agnes Martin, Brice Marden, Carl André, Donald Judd, Richard Serra, Sol Lewitt, and others. He is best know for his monolithic sculptures made between 1970-1980, that explore the concept of the linear void, and for large-scale public pieces (ex. Wave Hill and Storm King in New York). He has never stopped his authorial production as an artist, but ceased showing them for more than 03 decades. In the last few years he started developed a series of tridimensional drawings in paper and sculptures in corten steel, aluminum and zinc, withholding his minimalistic and conceptual sculpture tradition. Thomas Kellner (ALE) – Lives and works in Siegen, Germany. Studied art, sociology, politics and economics. He was a visiting professor of art photography at the University of Giessen. Always worked with experimental and conceptual photography, pinhole series, frame and impressions in alternative techniques, cyanotype, saltpaper and others. Seeks to find the strong visual language combined with layers of content. He began work on European monuments in 1997, using the contact method and “Deconstructing architecture as a visual language.” The buildings appear to be fainting, dancing and remind us of the vulnerability of our values and creations. He participated of many solo and group shows all over the world and his works are present in several private and public collections. Besides that, he also published many books and catalogs in many countries and languages. Galeria Karla Osorio Created in 2013 as Gabinete de Arte k2o, the Karla Osorio gallery keeps and reinforces its ideals to work with the insertion of contemporary artists in the industry and in the institutional scene. It privileges the most innovative art production with a temporary exhibition program that supports many medias and techniques. It represents brazilian and foreign artists both nationally and internationally. The gallery also participates in art shows in many countries, and to this day is the only art gallery from Brasilia that was present in many of the best art shows of the world, such as , Basel, Minami, New York, Chicago and others. It also supports research and innovative projects, besides having a course program, lectures, partnerships with other galleries and institutions, and interventions in the urban area. It also develops projects with visiting curators and offers an artistic residency program with privileged space and a studio for the artist. It also acts in the secondary market. In addition to its office in Brasilia, it also has an exhibition area at the Lago Sul and another office in Sao Paulo.


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