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ene 2020
ene 2020


Dónde: Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) - Convent dels Ángels / Plaza dels Angels, s/n / Barcelona, España
Cuándo : 20 ene de 2020 - 21 ene de 2020
Precio: €180 – €320

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Dirigido a: Artistas, Profesionales, Organizaciones
Organizada por: Talking Galleries
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Descripción de la Formación

Talking Galleries announces its 8th Barcelona Symposium to take place on January 20-21, 2020, at the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA). The two-day event is a unique opportunity for the prominent art world figures to debate and reflect on various aspects of art gallery management. Adam Sheffer, former President of ADAA and Vice President of Pace Gallery, described it as "sort of the Davos of the art world, when people can get together globally and talk about issues facing the entire industry." In words of Georgina Adam, a long-time collaborator, "Talking Galleries exists to bring together art market professionals to discuss their mutual concerns and debate the latest trends in the market. One of its important characteristics is the friendly and collegial atmosphere between the speakers and guests." ------------------------------- Panel discussion: “Young Money: Understanding Millennial Collectors” Most galleries now understand the importance of connecting with a younger audience. But what if achieving that goal demands fundamental changes to the art market status quo? This session will explore how and why the average gallery's future depends on much more than just embracing online sales and social media. Guest speakers Alexander Forbes (Associate Director, Corporate Development and Market Intelligence at Artsy); young entrepreneur and gallerist Joe Kennedy (Co-Founder, Unit London); collector and patron Kamiar Maleki, recently appointed Director of Volta NYC/Basel and Pulse Miami; and art strategy consultant Claudia Schachenmann (Founder, Bureaux Schachenmann) will engage in an enticing conversation moderated by Tim Schneider, art business editor at Artnet News and The Gray Market. The panel discussion “Young Money: Understanding Millennial Collectors” is programmed for Monday 20th January, 2020, at 11.30am. ------------------------------- Talk: "Are Professional Sports the Role Model Galleries Need?" Over the past few years, select analysts have proposed that the world's top athletic associations could be a useful guide for bringing sustainability to the gallery system. This talk will investigate where the professional-sports model succeeds, where it breaks down, and how galleries might implement its most valuable lessons—starting today. In his new solo presentation at the Barcelona Symposium, Tim Schneider, art business editor at Artnet News and the mind behind the witty The Gray Market, will look at what galleries can learn from the world of sports. The talk "Are Professional Sports the Role Model Galleries Need?" is programmed for Tuesday 21st January, 2020, at 12.45pm.


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