Exposición en Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos

Tension and Dynamism

Atchugarry Art Center / 5520 NE, 4th avenue / Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos
03 dic de 2018 - 28 feb de 2019
03 dic de 2018 / 18:00
De Martes a Sabado, de las 11am a las 6pm
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Descripción de la Exposición
For the opening of its second location in the North of the Design District in Miami, the Piero Atchugarry Gallery is very please to present the group show “Tension and Dynamism.” Presenting artworks by Pablo Atchugarry, Riccardo de Marchi, Artur Lescher, Tulio Pinto, Arcangelo Sassolino and Veronica Vazquez, the exhibition will take over the 9,000 square feet exhibition space and offer a unique and immersive experience into the gallery aesthetic. Since its opening in 2013 the gallery has developed and put together a precise artistic vision bringing together post-minimalism and conceptual sensibilities, and it is now proud to work with an international team of contemporary artists. “Tension and Dynamism” will focus on each artist’s exclusive use of materials, their search for reduced and essential forms, and the artworks dynamic dialogue with the exceptional space of the gallery. Riccardo de Marchi (born in 1964) and Arcangelo Sassolino (born in 1967) are both working ... and living in Northern Italy, yet each have developed an uncommon artistic practice. De Marchi investigates the qualities of aluminum, stainless steel and plexiglass through tension created by the absence or presence of the material. His code, a universal language or alphabet, propels the viewer into a new spatial universe. Sassolino’s sculptures and installations explore mechanical behavior as well as the mechanical and physical properties of force. In his works the tension anticipation and awareness of risk are combined with a powerful aesthetic, directed toward the viewer’s experience. Three Uruguayan artists, whose artistic practices are each influenced by the legacy of Joaquin Torres-Garcia, will be presented. Pablo Atchugarry (born in 1954), the world renown marble sculptor, has been ceaselessly creating biomorphic abstractions and pushing the material to its very limits over the last forty years. The imposing yet delicate pieces weaved together light and shadow through the hand-carved multiple folds. Marco Maggi (born in 1957) approaches paper and aluminum on a macro level, thus inviting the viewer to get closer in order to observe the artwork. The multitude of tiny objects arranged together deploy a topographic map of detail linked to daily life, transporting the viewer both in a microscopic visual world and in an intellectual and contemplative one. Veronica Vazquez (born in 1970) combines found materials such as iron, fabric, cardboard, paper and wire in a visual dialogue which unprecedented rhythm guides the viewer eyes and heart. Decaying materials poetically adjusted together face the viewer with matter and memory, and ultimately toward a confrontation with his own mortality. Two sculptors and installations artists will be completing the show. Artur Lescher (born in 1962) makes constant references to natural elements in his perfect industrially fabricated works. While testing the physical qualities and objective characteristics of material, he reaches new aesthetics peaks combining strength and instability, balance and movement, tension and silence. Tulio Pinto (born in 1974) explores the subtle balance between weight and matter through glass, iron and soil. His works activate the material, the space it inhabits and the viewer, to create metaphors on the unstable equilibrium of human interactions catalyzing a place of experience and reflection for the viewer.



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