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The Curfew Sirens
Evento finalizado
feb 2020
may 2020


Cuándo: 15 feb de 2020 - 17 may de 2020
Inauguración: 15 feb de 2020
Dónde: Kunstverein in Hamburg / Klosterwall 23 / Hamburg, Alemania
Comisariada por: Tobias Peper
Organizada por: Kunstverein in Hamburg
Artistas participantes: Matheus Rocha Pitta
Publicada el 10 feb de 2020      Vista 56 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

The examination of gesture plays a central role in Matheus Rocha Pitta’s work. As articulations of the body and language, gestures have far-reaching ethical and political implications. Over many years, Rocha Pitta has amassed an extensive archive of news clippings organized by quotidian gestural expression and place of origin. He arranges the material in multi-layered compositions on poured concrete slabs of different sizes and shapes. With his “petrified” collages, Rocha Pitta constructs stories, memories, and scenarios that reflect and resist different forms of authoritarianism, misinformation, exploitation, and injustice. For his exhibition in Hamburg, Rocha Pitta has developed an ensemble of new sculptures called Sirens based on gestures of held mouths, ears and eyes. The selected imagery opens up a variety of reference points, including Ulysses’ encounter with the eponymous mythical creatures, the three wise monkeys from a Japanese proverb, and an increasing surveillance mentality in many societies in combination with the urge for constant expression of opinion on social media and the Internet. With the exhibition, Rocha Pitta pursues the question of a possible interruption of the multi-layered chain of power, violence, and language as well as the right to freedom of expression, hate commentaries, and authoritarian control. The exhibition is curated by Tobias Peper. The exhibition is kindly supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the Berit und Rainer Baumgarten Stiftungsfonds under the umbrella of the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, and the Honorary Consulate of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Hamburg.


el 10 feb de 2020
Desde 01 nov
Exposición Online.

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