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Undefined Dreams
Evento finalizado
may 2019
jun 2019


Cuándo: 29 may de 2019 - 22 jun de 2019
Inauguración: 01 jun de 2019 / 15:00
Dónde: Mitchell Fine Art / 86 Arthur St, Fortitude Valley / Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Organizada por: Mitchell Fine Art
Artistas participantes: Luis Carlos Barrios
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Publicada el 30 may de 2019      Vista 16 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

This exhibition celebrates Carlos Barrios’ process as much as the subject. Working emotively, Barrios has no preconceived notions of what an artwork will look like until it has finished; As Barrios explains, “I dispose myself before a blank piece and let it come - colours and shapes, lines and dots. Each piece takes on a life of its own. The process is quite an enjoyable one – but not without moments of doubt. The imaginary takes shape and follows a pattern that sometimes remains a mystery,even to its creator.” Recently relocating to Currumbin in Queensland with his family, dogs, cat and chickens, is it any wonder that Carlos Barrios has filled his artworks with visions of people, animals, coastal and pastoral scenes. It isn’t just the celebration of life but the feelings of joy, love, spirituality and sensuality that Barrios is trying to express.


el 30 may de 2019
22 abr - 27 may
Curso Online.

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