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Unraveling Collective Forms
Evento finalizado
abr 2019
may 2019


Publicada el 02 abr de 2019      Vista 42 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

A quipu (Quechua term for talking knots) is a device made of colored knotted threads—a multisensory ancient Andean language. Quipus are vanished narratives of resistance that inspire this exhibition and programming. Unraveling Collective Forms knots artistic reflections that involve collectivity, autonomy, and group manifestations that crack systems. Artist Cecilia Vicuña defines a quipu as “a poem in space, a way to remember, involving the body and the cosmos at once.” This exhibition and programming look to create a space to gather, remember, learn, and connect with audience in a common thread, even if categories of identity and geographies separate us. It is an invitation to interlace our own narratives in a quipu. La mirada (the gaze) is directed to indigenous groups, to their ancestral and present knowledge of the comprehension of their worlds, that simultaneously exist in one world. Unraveling Collective Forms is an exercise of identifying diverse voices and their common threads, patterns, and processes, as well as their differences. It is a way of both stringing together, and unraveling possibilities of resistance and reimagination.


el 02 abr de 2019