Igor Sterpin. Voyage
Evento finalizado
ene 2020
mar 2020


Cuándo: 18 ene de 2020 - 07 mar de 2020
Inauguración: 18 ene de 2020
Horario: Tue-Sat 10h00-13h00; 15h30-19h30
Precio: Entrada gratuita
Dónde: Espacio/Jhannia Castro / Rua Adolfo Casais Monteiro, 16 R/C / Porto, Portugal
Organizada por: Espacio Jhannia Castro
Artistas participantes: Igor Sterpin
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Descripción de la Exposición

Espacio/Jhannia Castro, in Oporto, opens on 18 January the exhibition Voyage, by Igor Sterpin, a foray into the memory of this Belgian photographer living in Oporto. These are images taken between the 90's and the beginning of this century, kept since then, which reveal both the identity of its author and the places he travelled. This exhibition also has a satellite exhibition at the Galeria Adorna Corações, where the Apnea series, dedicated to the dancers that Igor Sterpin found in various nightly spaces, will be exhibited. With the exhibition Voyage, presented at Espacio/Jhannia Castro, Igor Sterpin revisits a crucial phase of his life, that in which the commuter movement between Belgium and Portugal began to relapse more and more to the Atlantic side, where lie the roots of his mother, deceased in 1994. It was a journey of inner discovery that also led him to discover a territory where the marks of the past were well present. These photographs had never been shown to the public, this being Igor Sterpin's first solo exhibition. Jhannia Castro found in these images "the records of a time and a space that form the plot of history, both of the great events and of the life of "ordinary people”. This is the first time that Espacio/Jhannia Castro has extended an exhibition beyond its doors, this time in the Galeria Adorna Corações. The two exhibitions open on the same date, 18 January, and end on 7 March. Igor Sterpin is a photographer, composer, and director. He spent his childhood in Tunisia, Brazil, and the Belgian Congo, but it was in Belgium that he spent most of his life where he was born. In 2001 he decided to move to Portugal and has been living in Porto ever since. His professional career has also been diversified, including documentaries and television programs, soundtrack composition and film, fashion and show photography. Alongside this, there has been more subterranean authorial work, devoted to both biographical issues and scenarios, environments and people. He has worked as a director at the television channels RTBF, ZDF, ARD, RTP, and SIC, as well as several art institutions, including the Serralves Foundation, the Nadir Afonso Museum, and the Fernando Santos Gallery. As a photographer, he worked with L’Histoire de La Mode au Cinquantenaire, Bonzaï Records and did the scene photography for Jacques Borzykowski and Christian Van Cutsem. As a composer, he did the composition of soundtracks for various documentaries, radio soap operas and the movie Thomas Est Amoureux of Paul Renders.


el 13 ene de 2020


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