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Evento finalizado
mar 2015
abr 2015

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Cuándo: 13 mar de 2015 - 25 abr de 2015
Inauguración: 13 mar de 2015
Dónde: syntax Project [ESPACIO CERRADO] / Rua de Boavista, 50 / Lisboa, Portugal
Comisariada por: Markéta Stará Condeixa
Organizada por: Syntax Project
Artistas participantes: Ana Manso, Johana Posova
Publicada el 10 may de 2015      Vista 146 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

WET WET SUNSET EAR ON A WALL Johana Pošová, Ana Manso Curator: Markéta Stará Condeixa The exhibition brings together works by Portuguese artist Ana Manso and Czech artist Johana Pošová, the first resident of SYNTAX. The first line of the exhibition title is derived from a recent project by Johana Pošová, segment of which is presented in the current show. The point of departure for Johana’s work is the medium of photography. While for her previous practice the process of staging and capturing a carefully composed reality was characteristic, in the past years her work has experienced a shift towards a materialisation of photography without the camera apparatus. The technique of the photogram, which is at the centre of Johana’s current body of work, allows direct engagement with the physicality of represented objects, while breaking with the distance between realities representation and its true self; it allows her to access and directly engage with the object - an object, which is concealed and distorted through the process of layering and composition, which now instead infront of the camera, takes place in the dark room. Images are compositions comprised of small elements and temporal blocks. They resemble dream scenarios, free-floating associations and a certain sense of familiar strangeness. Although working namely with the medium of painting, the approach of Ana Manso can in many ways be considered very similar, namely in relation to the proximity of the body to what and how is being represented. Ana works with temporal blocks and layers of time, which blend into one another, making the process of the work and the physical contact with a surface an essential part of the final result. In her wall paintings for the exhibition, Ana escapes the abstract nature characteristic to her work, and instead explores the figurative. The image for Ana here operates as an archetype – a symbol or motif, which serves as a sheet for association and the merging of worlds where one can find his own. Although it could be argued that both artists find themselves in an opposite transition: Johana towards the abstract and Ana towards the figurative, they meet half way, somewhere between reality and dream, somewhere between fiction and truth, in a place where the proximity to the abstracted image is determined by the texture of the real thing.


el 15 may de 2015

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