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Znějící, rezonující, vibrující / Sounding, resonating, vibrating
Evento finalizado
ago 2017
sep 2017


Cuándo: 14 ago de 2017 - 15 sep de 2017
Inauguración: 14 ago de 2017 / 17:00
Precio: Entrada gratuita
Dónde: Gallery Sokolská 26 / Sokolská třída 175/26 / Ostrava, Moravskoslezsky kraj, República Checa
Comisariada por: Martin Klimeš
Organizada por: Bludný kámen, Galérie Sokolská 26
Artistas participantes: Pablo Sanz
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Publicada el 16 nov de 2020      Vista 11 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

Sounding, Resonating, Vibrating Jonáš Gruska, Michal Kindernay, Ulrike Königshofer, Daniel Koniusz, Pawel Kulczynski, Gordon Monahan, Ivan Palacký, Pablo Sanz, Magda Stawarska-Beavan, Zimoun, Ladislav & Adam Železný The opening on August 14th at 6 pm. in Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26 in Ostrava The opening on August 15th at 6 pm. in Chapel of St. Elisabeth in Opava The exhibition curators: Jakub Frank, Matěj Frank, Martin Klimeš, Jozef Cseres Organizing institution: Bludný kámen, z.s. www.bludnykamen.cz With cooperation: The Exhibition Hall Sokolská street no. 26, The Photo Gallery of Fiducia, Gallery Dole, Gallery Lauby and The Centre of New Music in Ostrava The exhibition is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic The exhibition named Sounding, resonating and vibrating, which is prepared by the association of Bludný Kámen at various venues in Ostrava and Opava, enables its spectators to appreciate the autonomy of various sound surrounds. Nevertheless, the main aim is to discover for the spectators the possibility to hear old sounds in silence or appreciate the unknown silence in the noise. The recording of the sounds, those disorganized, gives us the coverage of the particular space. The space does not exist on its own but is complemented by the sounds. Without them the space is incomplete. The sounds can evoke in us feelings, memories. Sometimes they make us think but we usually do not perceive them. Nevertheless, when we try to perceive them, we can discover the complexity and curiosity of the world. We are speaking about the accidental sounds which are created accidentally when performing more important activities on which we are more focused. We can often hear sounds whose sources we do not see and which we cannot even identify. If there are more sounds, which is common in the city surround, they mingle, mix and lay on one another. A sound mass or sound wall of unique structure can be created or we can overhear the particular sounds which create interesting confrontations or consonances. There are places characteristic by its sound surround and we suppose that the place owes its uniqueness to the sounds occurring there. As well as the sun rises and sets, the particular sound surrounds change in time. If we accept them in their changeability, it means that we perceive them fully and we can “read” in them. We realize that they influence our perception of what we observe in the given place and what we experience. Sound surround is a source of distinguished sound senses and aesthetic experience as well as a countryside is a never ending source of fascinating natural images. That is why we speak about sound landscapes. We can record the sounds of natural origin, transport them, quote them, isolate them, transform them or deform them. We can also mix them, combine them with music or leave them intact. We can also create artificial sound surrounds using common or sophisticated modern technology. We can create new sounds, increase their volume or decrease it. We can also look for sounds, abstract them or give the different meaning and show them in different contexts. Given space that is supposed to serve certain purpose can become complete using appropriate sounds. We do not have to wait for its utility but it can exist on its own. The exhibiting artists project into the concrete spaces their imagination composed sound surrounds and their deal with their spatial and acoustic characteristics. They prepare petty musical happenings and record sounds in the terrain in order to put them in new contexts. These artists also wander in order to provide their listeners with sound travel reports. They also create new sound objects and they record the noise and silence in their surrounding and generate new sounds as well. These brave artists realize various acoustic phenomena, they discover sounds resounding way deep beyond regular hearing as well as the sound vibrating and resounding. They exhibit sound, sounds in space, sound surrounds … The exhibition will take place in Ostrava and Opava at various venues simultaneously. It is possible to see the exhibition in Ostrava in Gallery Dole, Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26, The Photo Gallery of Fiducia, Gallery Lauby. The venues in Opava include Bluný Kámen, Gallery Cella, Chapel of St.Elisabeth and the Phone Booths. We would like to notify the exhibition visitors about different ending times of the exhibitions at particular venues. In Exhibition Hall at Sokolská street no.26 and Gallery Dole the exhibition will be held till September 15th. In The Photo Gallery of Fiducia and Gallery Lauby till September 2nd. Opava venues will hold the exhibition till September 15th, 2017.


el 16 nov de 2020


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